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Browse information on 131 habitats (as biotopes). Habitat information research targets biotopes identified within the interest features of marine Special Areas for Conservation (SACs) in English, Scottish and Welsh waters, and represent many of the United Kingdom's marine Biodiversity Action Plan habitats.

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Browse information on 873 species. Alternatively search for your species of interest. The species information research focuses on priority species for conservation in the Britain and Ireland, e.g. those listed as Biodiversity Action Plan species, under the EU Habitats Directive or under OSPAR Annex V, amongst other.

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Biological Traits (BIOTIC)

BIOTIC contains information on over 40 biological trait categories on selected benthic species, together with additional supporting information. The emphasis is on benthic invertebrates and plants.

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Sensitivity assessment

View information on the sensitivity of 216 species and 131 biotopes. The MarLIN approach to sensitivity assessment examines the likely effects of human activities and natural events on marine species and habitat. The approach was designed in liaison with national Government, countryside agencies and marine experts.

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Effects of marine activities and natural events

Search for species or habitats likely to be affected by specified marine activities or events.

Seabed indicator species database more

Seabed Indicator Species Database

Search the database of seabed indicator species, compiled to support the EU Water Framework Directive and inform the development of measures of quality.

Effects of fishing more

Effects of fishing

Search the database of the effects of fishing activities within European Marine Sites in the UK.

Ecosystem structure and function dossiers more

Ecosystem Structure and Function Dossiers

These dossiers outline the ecosystem services provided by a number of important national habitats.

Marine life protection more

Marine life protection

The marine environmental is protected by national legislation, and regional and international legislation and conventions.

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Use the MarLIN search facilities to help you gain quick access to our information resources.

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Glossary of scientific terms

Browse our glossary of scientific terms.

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BACS Bibliography

Search our bibliography on over 1000 species and biotopes from our database.