BIOTIC Species Information for Venerupis senegalensis
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Reproduction/Life History
Reproductive typeGonochoristic
Developmental mechanismPlanktotrophic
Reproductive SeasonSee additional information Reproductive LocationInsufficient information
Reproductive frequencyAnnual episodic Regeneration potential No
Life span6-10 years Age at reproductive maturity1 year
Generation time1 year FecundityInsufficient information
Egg/propagule sizeInsufficient information Fertilization typeInsufficient information
Larval/Juvenile dispersal potential>10km Larval settlement periodInsufficient information
Duration of larval stage11-30 days   
Reproduction Preferences Additional InformationThe reproductive characteristics of Venerupis senegalensis vary according to the environment. In Scotland, Quayle (1952) recorded breeding between May and September. However, in northern Spain, spawning occurred in March, April and May (Perez Camacho, 1980). Spawning occurred 2 or more times in a season in a population in western Norway (Johannessen, 1973b) and it has been recorded that spawning can occur up to 4 times per season in Venerupis senegalensis (studied as Venerupis pullastra) raised in a microsystem (Jara-Jara et al., 2000). The Spanish population of Venerupis senegalensis (studied as Venerupis pullastra) experienced constant mortality of 17.7% per annum between shell lengths of 11 and 50 mm (Perez Camacho, 1980) whereas the Norwegian population exhibited low mortality up to year 8 followed by mass mortality attributed to senility (Johannessen, 1973b).
Reproduction References Fish & Fish, 1996, Johannessen, 1973b, Quayle, 1952, Perez Camacho, 1980, Jara-Jara et al., 2000,
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