Welcome to the deep-sea species catalogue. The catalogue was developed by Dr Kerry Howell and Jaime Davies at the University of Plymouth for use in the analysis of epibenthic megafauna from stills images and video data. The identifications provided have not been verified by physical sampling and thus must be treated with some caution. Each entry in the catalogue has an Operational Taxonomic Unit (OTU) number which we would strongly advise you to use in addition to, or in place of, the given taxon name as identifications may change over time through further verification. The taxonomy used is taken from the World Register of Marine Species (WORMS).

Our aim in putting the catalogue on line is to aid in the standardisation of identification of deep-sea species from video and image data. Therefore if you feel we have made an error in our identification or can provide identification to a lower taxonomic level than is currently given for an entry please contact Dr Howell at the University of Plymouth. In addition if you have images you would like to contribute to the catalogue, either better images of something already in the catalogue or images of species new to the catalogue, please contact Dr Howell. All images remain the property of the contributor.

Some notes about the catalogue: what one would traditionally consider a gorgonian is currently split between the "Gorgonacea" and the "Alcyonacea", please check both if looking for gorgonians. The split between "Massive Lobose" and "Massive Globose" sponges also needs revisiting so please look at both if looking for large sponges.

We would like to thank all those who have given their opinions on the identifications of animals in the catalogue. We will not name you all but you know who you are. Finally, this version of the catalogue was created with NO budget. We hope to improve it over time and make it as user friendly as possible.

Please cite any use of this catalogue as:

Howell, K.L., Davies, J.S. (2010) Deep-sea species image catalogue. Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre, Marine Institute at the University of Plymouth. On-line version http://www.marlin.ac.uk/deep-sea-species-image-catalogue/