MarLIN Gallery

Sea mats, horn wrack & lace corals (Bryozoa) gallery

<i>Membranipora membranacea</i>. <i>Flustra foliacea</i>. <i>Membranipora membranacea</i> colony on kelp frond. Small colony of <i>Pentapora fascialis</i>.
Dense growth of <i>Alcyonidium diaphanum</i> colonies at about 3 metres depth. Two colonies in the infralittoral fringe. <i>Turbicellepora magnicostata</i> on the underside of a boulder. A colony of the sea mat <i>Conopeum reticulum</i>.
Clump of <i>Electra crustulenta</i> from brackish pools in the Netherlands. <i>Electra pilosa</i> on macroalgae. Colonies of <i>Bugula turbinata</i> on overhang. <i>Bugula flabellata</i> and cup corals.
Colonies of <i>Bugula turbinata</i>. Colonies of <i>Bugula flabellata</i>. The bryozoans <i>Bugula turbinata</i> and <i>Bowerbankia</i> spp. <i>Scrupocellaria</i> sp with <i>Nassarius</i> sp.
Colonies of <i>Victorella pavida</i> on plant stem. <i>Scrupocellaria</i> spp. <i>Bowerbankia sp.</i>. <i>Bugula plumosa</i>
Crisiidae (cyclostomatid bryozoa) and <i>Rissoa</i> spp. The gelatinous bryozoan <i>Alcyonidium diaphanum</i> colonizing cobbles at 25 m depth. Zooids of <i>Victorella pavida</i> with lophophores everted. Lophophores and zooids of <i>Victorella pavida</i>.
<i>Electra crustulenta</i>. Close up of the zooids of <i>Conopeum reticulum</i>. Close up of <i>Electra monostachys</i> zooids. Clumps of sea chervil (<i>Alcyonidium diaphanum</i>) washed up on the beach.
Ross (<i>Pentapora fascialis</i>). <i>Alcyonidium diaphanum</i> colony on rocky out crop, Mewstone, Plymouth. <i>Alcyonidium diaphanum</i> at Stoke Point, Plymouth. <i>Bugula plumosa</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound.
<i>Bugula plumosa</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound. <i>Cellaria </i>spp. At Stoke Point, Plymouth. <i>Cellaria</i> spp. on the Mewstone, Plymouth. Aquarium specimen of a <i>Crisia </i>spp. collected from Firestone Bay, Plymouth Sound.
<i>Crisia</i> spp. at Stoke Point, Plymouth. Encrusting bryozoan on hard substratum at Stoke Point, Plymouth. <i>Omalosecosa ramulosa</i> on the Mewstone, Plymouth. <i>Pentapora fascialis</i> colonies on rock at the Mewstone, Plymouth.
<i>Pentapora fascialis</i> colony on the Mewstone, Plymouth. Close up of <i>Pentapora fascialis</i> on the Mewstone, Plymouth. <i>Pentapora fascialis</i> with tips at the middle of the colony sloughed off, on the Mewstone, Plymouth. <i>Pentapora fascialis</i> colony at the Mewstone, Plymouth.
<i>Escharoides coccinea</i> colony with <i>Spirorbis </i>spp. on the Scylla reef, Whitsand Bay, Cornwall. <i>Scrupocellaria</i> spp. at Firstone Bay in Plymouth Sound. Close up of <i>Scrupocellaria</i> spp. at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound. <i>Scrupocellaria </i>spp. and <i>Antedon bifida</i> at Firestone Bay, Plymouth Sound.
Clump of sea chervil (<i>Alcyonidium diaphanum</i>) attached to shell. Close up of <i>Flustra foliacea</i> zooids. <i>Flustra foliacea</i> off Salcombe. The bryozoan <i>Cellaria fistulosa</i> on a silty seabed.
Close-up of colony of <i>Membranipora membranacea</i>. Close-up of colony of <i>Membranipora membranacea</i>. Closeup of the invasive bryozoan <i>Bugula neritina</i>. Small colony of <i>Smittina landsborovii</i> amid colonies of deadman's fingers.
Encrusting (upper-right) and foliaceous (centre and left) parts of a <i>Smittina landsborovii</i> colony, with deadman's fingers in the foreground. Convoluted lamina of a colony of the bryozoan <i>Smittina landsborovii</i>. Dead <i>Electra pilosa</i> skeleton encrusting a rock and covered in <i>Pomatoceros triqueter</i> tubes.