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Sea squirts, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals (Chordata) gallery

Side view of head and pectoral fin. Colony of <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i> on rock. <i>Crenilabrus melops</i> emerging from seaweed. <i>Lepadogaster lepadogaster</i>, clingfish.
<i>Clavelina lepadiformis</i>. <i>Labrus bergylta</i>, ballan wrasse. Top view of entire individual on sand. <i>Lepadogaster lepadogaster</i> in rockpool.
Head and pectoral fin of <i>Anarhichas lupus</i>. Head and pectoral fin of <i>Anarhichas lupus</i>. Side view of <i>Anarhichas lupus</i>. Head of <i>Anarhichas lupus</i>.
<i>Gobius cobitis</i>, in a Brittany rockpool. <i>Phallusia mammillata</i>. <i>Pomatoschistus microps</i> on sand. Dense aggregation of <i>Ciona intestinalis</i>.
Dense aggregation of <i>Ciona intestinalis</i>. John dory. Note the spines and large spot. Small-spotted catshark. <i>Mola mola</i>, the sunfish.
Leatherback turtle on egg laying  beach at Terrengganu in Malaysia. School of orca.
School of orca.
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Basking shark feeding with gaping mouth. Orca at the surface.
<i>Cyclopterus lumpus</i>, lumpsucker or sea hen. Recently hatched leatherback turtle. <i>Diazona violacea</i>, football sea squirt with sea fan <i>Swiftia pallida</i>. Cod photographed in an aquarium tank.
<i>Lepadogaster lepadogaster</i>. Two common seals sitting on rocks. Common seal on rock. Norwegian topknot, <i>Phrynorhombus norvegicus</i>, on rock.
Angler fish. Red band fish at the entrance of its burrow. Colony of <i>Stolonica socialis</i> Male cuckoo wrasse.
Side view of <i>Centrolabrus exoletus</i>. Leatherback turtle swimming at the surface. Bottlenose dolphin pod at surface. Bottlenose dolphin pod at surface.
Basking shark fin at surface. Sunfish basking on its side at surface. Sunfish fin at surface. Risso's dolphin at Coverack.
Colony of <i>Perophora japonica</i> on fucoid alga. Single zooid and terminal buds at high magnification. Several zooids with cluster of terminal buds. Whole colony of <i>Perophora japonica</i> on fucoid alga.
<i>Phocoena phocoena</i>, the harbour porpoise. Colony of <i>Dendrodoa grossularia</i> on rock surface. <i>Platichthys flesus</i> on algal covered pebble and sand substratum Close up of <i>Diazona violacea</i>, football sea squirt.
The black faced blenny, <i>Tripterygion delaisi</i> well blended into its surroundings. Side view of male and female <i>Syngnathus acus</i>. <i>Gobius couchi</i> showing the membrane free rays on the upper pectoral fin. <i>Echiichthys vipera</i> with dorsal fin held extended with a mounting needle.
<i>Echiichthys vipera </i> containing the oral parasite <i>Ceratothoa steindachneri</i> (an isopod) above compared to an un-parasitised specimen below. <i>Diazona violacea</i>, football sea squirt at ca. 20 m, Trintiy Rock, Isles of Scilly. <i>Gobius couchi</i> with characteristic black spot in front of pectoral fin. The lancet <i>Branchiostoma lanceolatum</i> (aquarium photograph).
The black faced blenny, <i>Tripterygion delaisi</i> hanging upside down under a rocky overhang. <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i> and<i> Calliostoma zizyphinum</i>. A conger eel <i>Conger conger</i> and a leopard spotted goby<i> Thorogobius ephippiatus</i>. A conger eel in the funnel of the wreck of the MV <i>Robert</i> at Lundy.
The shanny, <i>Lipophrys pholis</i>, exposed at low tide. <i>Molgula manhattensis</i> dominated seabed, Middle Channel Rocks, entrance to Milford Haven. <i>Botrylloides leachii</i>. Dead minke whale stranded at Freshwater West beach, Pembrokeshire.
Group of <i>Phocoena phocoena</i>. <i>Clavelina lepadiformis</i> <i>Ascidia mentula</i> on a rock wall with <i>Bispura volutacornis</i>, Abereiddy Quarry, Pembrokeshire. <i>Ascidia mentula</i>
<i>Labrus mixtus</i> <i>Myoxocephalus scorpius</i>, bull rout. <i>Myoxocephalus scorpius</i>. <i>Gobius niger</i>.
<i>Pholis gunnellus</i>. Long-spined sea scorpion,<i> Taurulus bubalis</i> <i>Gobiusculus flavescens</i>. Lesser gooseberry sea squirt <i>Distomus variolosus</i>.
Black goby. A male black faced blenny during its breeding season. Tompot blenny. Light bulb sea squirts and feather stars.
Baked bean sea squirts and feather stars dominating rock above a overhang. Baked bean sea squirt on an overhang. Two spotted goby <i>Gobiusculus flavescens</i>. <i>Distomus variolosus</i> on rocks
<i>Ctenolabrus rupestris</i> <i>Pomatoschistus</i> sp. <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i>. <i>Styela clava</i>.
Leopard spotted goby. Goldsinny wrasse. <i>Polycarpa scuba</i>. <i>Syngnathus acus</i>, the greater pipefish, swimming along the seabed at 20 m depth.
<i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i> on sea bed. The worm pipefish <i>Nerophis lumbriciformis</i> under a boulder. The poor cod <i>Trisopterus minutus</i> at ca 30 m depth. <i>Mola mola</i>, the sunfish.
Male lump fish <i>Cyclopterus lumpus</i>. Male lump fish <i>Cyclopterus lumpus</i> attached to shallow seabed, Strome Narrows, Loch Carron. <i>Trisopterus luscus</i> in old ships funnel. <i>Ascidiella scabra</i>.
Specimen of the red band fish <i>Cepola rubescens</i>. Leopard spotted goby. The John dory. Nest of the common goby.
<i>Agonus cataphractus</i>. The grey seal <i>Halichoerus grypus</i> with pup, Skomer. Male worm pipefish <i>Nerophis lumbriciformis</i> with eggs. The triggerfish <i>Balistes capriscus</i>.
The black faced blenny <i>Tripterygion delaisi</i>. The grey seal <i>Halichoerus grypus</i> basking on haul-out. The grey seal <i>Halichoerus grypus</i> basking on rock. The seahorse <i>Hippocampus hippocampus</i>.
<i>Alosa alosa</i> caught off Plymouth. <i>Tursiops truncatus</i> breaching (note pinkish hue on belly). Bottlenose dolphin breathing at surface. <i>Ammodytes tobianus.</i>
Measuring a dead <i>Delphinus delphis</i> individual on the shore. The fifteen-spined stickleback <i>Spinachia spinachia</i>. <i>Phoca vitulina</i>. Harbour seals on a sand bank.
<i>Styela clava</i> attached to rock. Firestone Bay, Plymouth. <i>Pleuronectes platessa</i> off Plymouth. Pair of salmon <i>Salmo salar</i>. The Atlantic cod <i>Gadus morhua</i>.
Juvenile Atlantic cod (centre) over horse mussel bed. The short snouted seahorse. Juvenile sea snail. The long snouted sea horse <i>Hippocampus guttulatus</i>.
Close up of face of <i>Hippocampus guttulatus</i>. <i>Coryphoblennius galerita</i>. Shanny with eggs. Close-up of Shanny eggs.
Bass <i>Dicentrarchus labrax</i>. Small <i>Gobius paganellus</i> amongst corraline red algae in a shallow rockpool. Eggs of shore clingfish. <i>Callionymus lyra </i>showing colouration in male.
<i>Styela clava</i> with <i>Clavelina lepadiformis</i> growing on a marina pontoon. Close up of <i>Coryphoblennius galerita</i>. <i>Styela clava</i> under boulder on shore. <i>Styela clava</i> under intertidal overhang.
<i>Styela clava</i> specimen from marina pontoon in south Devon. <i>Styela clava</i> growing on buoy rope in marina. Close-up of <i>Ascidiella aspersa</i> growing on marina pontoon. <i>Botrylloides violaceus</i> from marina pontoon.
<i>Botrylloides violaceus</i> from marina pontoon. <i>Perophora japonica</i> growing on rope hanging from marina pontoon. <i>Perophora japonica</i> growing on <i>Ascidiella aspersa</i>. <i>Lycodes esmarkii</i> at 600 m in the Faeroe-Shetland Channel.
Angler fish feeding on cod. Rockfish found at 455 m depth. Greenland halibut. Ling, urchin and basket star attracted to a discarded barrel lying 350 m deep off north Scotland.
<i>Dipturus batis</i>. <i>Dipturus batis</i>. <i>Styela</i> spp. at Lyme Bay. <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i>. Most likely a transparent colony growing on red algae.
<i>Diplosoma</i> spp. growing on <i>Styela clava</i> with adjacent <i>Bugula neritoides</i>, an invasive bryozoan. <i>Didemnum</i> spp., an invasive ascidian genus, Dartmouth. <i>Corella eumyota</i>, an invasive species. <i>Corella eumyota</i> at Wembury.
<i>Pycnoclavella aurilucens</i> at Lyme Bay. Dorsal view of <i>Callionymus lyra</i> highlighting colouration. <i>Raja microocellata</i>. Juvenile <i>Molgula</i> spp.
Long-spined sea scorpion, <i>Taurulus bubalis</i>, camouflaged in a rock pool. The five-bearded rockling <i>Ciliata mustela</i> with five visible barbels. Five-bearded rockling <i>Ciliata mustela</i>. The butterfish <i>Pholis gunnellus</i>.
Dorsal view of <i>Pholis gunnellus</i>. The lumpsucker <i>Cyclopterus lumpus</i>. The lumpsucker <i>Cyclopterus lumpus</i> swimming across the seabed. Close up of male <i>Nerophis lumbriciformis</i> abdomen with eggs.
<i>Nerophis lumbriciformis</i> at the Gower. The pollack <i>Pollachius pollachius</i>. <i>Limanda limanda</i> on a gravel bed. Lone <i>Ascidia conchilega</i> on a silty seabed.
The blue shark <i>Prionace glauca</i> with tag. Side view of <i>Balistes capriscus</i> highlighting colouration. Two triggerfish (<i>Balistes capriscus</i>) swimming in marina. Dorsal view of <i>Balistes capriscus</i> highlighting shape of petoral fin.
Pod of bottlenosed dolphins swimming at the surface. Pair of bottlenosed dolphins. The Grey seal <i>Halichoerus grypus </i>. The lesser gooseberry sea squirt <i>Distomus variolosus</i> growing on the stipe of <i>Laminaria hyperborea</i>.
Two Grey seals hauled out on rocks. <i>Cetorhinus maximus</i> off Lands End, Cornwall. Close up of <i>Cetorhinus maximus</i> dorsal fin. <i>Halichoerus grypus</i> adults and pub hauled out on rocks in Lundy.
John dory infested with ectoparasites. Juvenile bib / pouting <i>Trisopterus luscus</i>. A shoal of sand eels. <i>Tursiops truncatus</i> highlighting shape of beak and head.
Close up of <i>Phoca vitulina</i> highlighting characteristic facial features. A thornback ray in shallow water. The snake pipefish <i>Entelurus aequoreus</i>. The short snouted seahorse <i>Hippocampus hippocampus</i>.
<i>Conger conger</i> on the City of Ghent, at the Manacles, southwest Cornwall. <i>Sidnyum elegans</i> on the Manacles, southwest Cornwall. The black goby <i>Gobius niger</i>. The tompot blenny <i>Parablennius gattorugine</i>.
<i>Diplosoma spongiforme</i> at Lyme Bay, Devon. <i>Pholis gunnellus</i> at Scapa Flow, Orkneys. <i>Cetorhinus maximus</i> feeding in the Channel Isles. <i>Gobius niger</i> on rock in the Channel Isles.
<i>Torpedo (Torpedo) marmorata</i> in the Channel Isles. <i>Zeus faber</i> in the Channel Isles. <i>Zeus faber</i> swimming to the surface in the Channel Isles. <i>Pollachius pollachius</i> profile in the Channel Isles.
Head of <i>Balistes capriscus</i> taken in the Channel Isles. <i>Chelonia mydas</i> swimming throught the open ocean, viewed side-on. Mermaids purse (dogfish egg) wrapped around <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i> at the Dartmouth Mewstone, in south Devon. The pogge <i>Agonus cataphractus</i> highlighting barbels.
Dorsal view of the fifteen-spined stickleback <i>Spinachia spinachia</i>. Large shoal of sand eels. The tunicate <i>Aplidium glabrum</i>. The sea squirt <i>Archistoma aggregatum</i>.
<i>Botrylloides leachii</i> on bedrock. Colonial sea squirt of the genus <i>Botrylloides</i>. A member of the genus <i>Botrylloides</i>. <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i>.
The colonial sea squirt <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i>. The solitary sea squirt <i>Ciona intestinalis</i>. Small group of <i>Clavelina lepadiformis</i>. Close up of <i>Clavelina lepadiformis</i>.
Close up of <i>Dendrodoa grossularia</i>. An unidentified tunicate of the family Didemnidae. <i>Pycnoclavella aurilucens</i> at the Mewstone. <i>Stolonica socialis</i> at Stoke Point.
Female cuckoo wrasse in the Channel Islands. Male cuckoo wrasse illustrating brilliant colouration. The blonde ray. The blond ray almost completely covered in sand (spiracles are visible).
Small <i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i> off south Milton Sands. Small <i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i> off south Milton Sands. Colonies of <i>Morchellium argus</i>. <i>Styela clava</i> with an anemone attached.
<i>Styela clava</i>. A <i>Corella</i> species, possibly <i>Corella eumyota</i>. <i>Zeugopterus punctatus</i>. Egg cases from the nursehound <i>Scyliorhinus stellaris</i>.
Red gurnard (<i>Aspitrigla cuculus</i>) near the Mewstone, Plymouth. Female cuckoo wrasse near the Mewstone, Plymouth. Bass at Outer Hope. Freshly caught adult <i>Limanda limanda</i>.
Freshly caught specimen of <i>Solea solea</i>. Freshly caught adult <i>Spondyliosoma cantharus</i>. A couple of <i>Trisopterus minutus</i> individuals off a sandy bottom. A close up view of multiple <i>Trisopterus minutus</i>.
A gathering of <i>Trisopterus minutus</i>. Lateral view of <i>Blennius ocellaris</i>. Dorsal view of <i>Callionymus lyra</i>. Lateral view of <i>Hyperoplus lanceolatus</i>.
Head of <i>Hyperoplus lanceolatus</i>. Freshly caught specimen of <i>Lophius piscatorius</i>: head view. Freshly caught specimen of <i>Lophius piscatorius</i>: lateral view. Dorsal view of <i>Pegusa lascaris</i>.
Vectral view of <i>Pegusa lascaris</i>. <i>Raja microcellata</i> in a laboratory, tail included. <i>Raja microcellata</i> in a laboratory, tail not included. <i>Raja microcellata</i> in a laboratory, ventral view.
<i>Raja undulata</i> in a laboratory. Dorsal view of whole <i>Solea solea</i>. Dorsal view of head of <i>Solea solea</i>. Ventral view of head of <i>Solea solea</i>.
Ventral view of mouth of <i>Solea solea</i>. Mature specimen of <i>Zeugopterus punctatus</i>. Head of <i>Zeus faber</i>. <i>Entelurus aequoreus</i> coiled on a sandy bottom.
<i>Entelurus aequoreus</i> pair partially hidden on the seabed. Male <i>Entelurus aequoreus</i> bearing eggs. <i>Entelurus aequoreus</i> amongst seaweed. <i>Entelurus aequoreus</i> exposed on a shell substratum.
Head view of <i>Entelurus aequoreus</i>. <i>Entelurus aequoreus</i> swimming vertically in the water column. Dark brown morph of <i>Entelurus aequoreus</i>. Close up view of <i>Tripterygion delaisi</i> markings.
<i>Trigloporus lastoviza</i> on the seabed. <i>Microstomus kitt</i> swimming along the seabed. <i>Tursiops truncatus</i> underwater. <i>Phoca vitulina</i> swimming underwater.
<i>Phoca vitulina</i> playing with a diver's arm. <i>Phoca vitulina</i> swimming towards the camera. <i>Crenilabrus melops</i> and its nest. <i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i> hiding in a refuge.
<i>Zeus faber</i> swimming at Firestone. Inquisitive <i>Halichoerus grypus</i>. Brown <i>Lepadogaster lepadogaster</i> resting. <i>Nerophis lumbriciformis</i> on a wet rock.
<i>Spinachia spinachia</i> in a tank. <i>Psetta maxima</i> viewed from above in a laboratory tank. <i>Mustelus mustelus</i> head viewed from beneath. <i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i> juveniles reared in a laboratory.
Close up view of a <i>Ciona intestinalis</i> individual. <i>Chirolophis ascanii</i> surrounded by brittle stars. <i>Dendrodoa grossularia</i> covered in particles. <i>Diplosoma listerianum</i>.
<i>Mullus surmuletus</i> over a gravel seabed. <i>Mullus surmuletus</i> searching for food. Side view of the head of <i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i>. Oblique view of the head of <i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i>.
<i>Centrolabrus exoletus</i> swimming between seaweeds. Dark coloured <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i>. <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i> over <i>Styela clava</i>. <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i> under an overhang.
<i>Botryllus schlosseri</i> on a rocky shore. Exposed <i>Botrylloides violaceus</i>. <i>Corella eumyota</i> on a rocky shore. <i>Ciona intestinalis</i> in shallow waters.
<i>Ciona intestinalis</i> and a few <i>Clavelina lepadiformis</i>. <i>Clavelina lepadiformis</i> on the sea shore. <i>Clavelina lepadiformis</i> in deeper water. Wall of <i>Dendrodoa grossularia</i>.
<i>Dendrodoa grossularia</i> exposed on a rocky shore. Sea grapes <i>Molgula manhattensis</i>. Side view of <i>Parablennius gattorugine</i>. Dorsal view of <i>Tripterygion delaisi</i>.
<i>Ciliata mustela</i> in a shallow rockpool. <i>Ciliata mustela</i> in a white-bottomed tray. Head of <i>Crenilabrus melops</i> in shallow water. Pair of <i>Chelon labrosus</i>.
The underside and sucker of <i>Cyclopterus lumpus</i>. A dorsal view of <i>Cyclopterus lumpus</i> in an aquarium. Small <i>Gobius paganellus</i> in a hand. Head of <i>Labrus bergylta</i>.
<i>Lepadogaster lepadogaster</i> on a rock at Wembury. <i>Lepadogaster lepadogaster</i> next to a couple of topshells. <i>Lepadogaster lepadogaster</i> in a tray clearly showing blue spots and a red tail. <i>Ciliata mustela</i> exposed on shore.
<i>Lipophrys pholis</i> with its eggs. <i>Lipophrys pholis</i> showing dorsal markings. <i>Lipophrys pholis</i> exposed on the shore. <i>Lipophrys pholis</i> next to a few topshells.
Three <i>Nerophis lumbriciformis</i> individuals on a rocky shore. <i>Nerophis lumbriciformis</i> in shallow water. <i>Nerophis lumbriciformis</i> on a barnacle covered rock. Head view of <i>Parablennius gattorugine</i> - close up.
Head view of <i>Parablennius gattorugine</i>. <i>Pholis gunnellus</i> in someone's hands. <i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i> individuals at the National Marine Aquarium. <i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i> juveniles.
Black and white head of <i>Taurulus bubalis</i>. Dorsal view of brown <i>Taurulus bubalis</i> showing its long spine. Live <i>Ammodytes tobianus</i> on the shore - lateral view. Live <i>Ammodytes tobianus</i> on the shore - dorsal view.
<i>Ammodytes tobianus</i> shoal in a rockpool - close up view. <i>Ammodytes tobianus</i> shoal in a rockpool. <i>Botrylloides leachii</i> under a boulder. <i>Botryllus schlosseri</i> at Skomer Island.
<i>Entelurus aequoreus</i> in a rockpool. <i>Halichoerus grypus</i> individuals hauled out off Skomer Island. <i>Lepadogaster lepadogaster</i> with pebbles in a crevice. <i>Raja clavata</i> eggcase on the strandline.
<i>Pollachius pollachius</i> above a sandy seabed. Lone, pale white <i>Phallusia mammillata</i>. <i>Phallusia mammillata</i> covered in algal matter. A dead common dolphin on the shore.
<i>Ascidia mentula</i> covered in silt. Mature <i>Trisopterus minutus</i> shoal at Bigbury Bay. Three common dolphins leaping out of the water. Common dolphins swimming in front of a sailing vessel.
An adult and infant <i>Tursiops truncatus</i>. An infant <i>Tursiops truncatus</i> swimming ahead of an adult. Upper body of <i>Chelonia mydas</i> viewed from beneath. Dark breeding phase of <i>Gobius paganellus</i>.
Head of <i>Gobius paganellus</i> during breeding phase. White and orange <i>Labrus bergylta</i> off a soft seabed. Foraging pink <i>Labrus bergylta</i> off the reef edge. Green <i>Labrus bergylta</i> off a mixed seabed.
Orange <i>Labrus bergylta</i> under an overhang. Speckled <i>Labrus bergylta</i> venturing up off the seabed. Patchy green <i>Labrus bergylta</i> seeking refuge amongst seaweeds. Speckled <i>Labrus bergylta</i> seeking refuge amongst seaweeds.
Red and blue <i>Centrolabrus exoletus</i> near a rocky crevice. <i>Mullus surmuletus</i> foraging in sand. <i>Trisopterus luscus</i> in deep waters. <i>Zeugopterus punctatus</i> on a rocky seabed.
<i>Clavelina lepadiformis</i> patch on a sedimented seabed. <i>Sidnyum elegans</i> on a sedimented seabed. Head of adult <i>Larus argentatus</i>. Juvenile Herring Gull on the ground.
Adult Herring Gull vocalizing. Juvenile <i>Larus argentatus</i> in flight. Adult <i>Larus argentatus</i> in flight. School of <i>Dicentrarchus labrax</i> hunting Greater Sand Eels.
Darkened <i>Gobius niger</i>. <i>Gobius niger</i> with triangular first dorsal fin. <i>Gobius niger</i> with triangular first dorsal fin. Ling, urchin and basket star attracted to a discarded barrel lying 350 m deep off north Scotland.
Closeup of the head of <i>Limanda limanda</i>. Freshly-caught <i>Limanda limanda</i>. Head of the Dragonet <i>Callionymus lyra</i> out of water. Dorsal side of Dragonet <i>Callionymus lyra</i>.
Freshly-caught Lemon Sole <i>Microstomus kitt</i> out of water. Freshly caught <i>Pleuronectes platessa</i> out of water. Freshly caught Sprat, <i>Sprattus sprattus</i> out of water. Juvenile Cuckoo Ray caught at 120m depth.
Juvenile Cuckoo Ray caught at 120m depth. The green turtle <i>Chelonia mydas</i> in Kenya. Hawksbill turtle swimming over a reef in the Red Sea. Head of Hawksbill turtle, taken in the Red Sea.
Head of scorpionfish <i>Scorpaena porcus</i> in Mediterranean. Freshly caught <i>Merlangius merlangus</i> out of water. Freshly caught <i>Merluccius merluccius</i> out of water. Freshly caught <i>Trachurus trachurus</i> out of water.
Grey Gurnard caught near Conway and Colwyn Bay, North Wales. European sea bass caught near Conway and Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Closeup of the Leopard Spotted Goby, <i>Thorogobius ephippiatus</i>. Closeup of the Leopard Spotted Goby, <i>Thorogobius ephippiatus</i>.
A pair of breaching Northern bottlenose whales, showing their underside and left side. The heads of a pair of Northern bottlenose whales. Part of the underside of a breaching northern bottlenose whale. The head and blowhole of a northern bottlenose whale.
Right side of head of common eel Common eel found upriver in Tamar, Cornwall Head of a common eel Dead red gurnard on beach
Right side of head of red gurnard Head-on view of dead red gurnard A garfish removed from water near Plymouth, Devon Closeup of garfish head showing lateral line pores on lower jaw
Head of a garfish Head of a garfish infested with the parasitic copepod <i>Lepeophtheirus salmonis</i> A dead herring The head of a herring
The invasive sea squirt <i>Corella eumyota</i> The head-end of a Shore rockling A dead shore rockling Ventral side of clingfish, showing pectoral and pelvic fins modified as sucker
Head of a clingfish A dead clingfish out of water Dorsal surface of dead clingfish Left profile of the head of a clingfish
Dorsal view of the sea snail Left side of the sea snail Ventral side of sea snail, showing pelvic fins modified as sucker Common goby removed from tidepool
Dorsal surface of painted goby Right anterior end of a painted goby A freshly-caught mackerel. A mackerel.
A juvenile black sea-bream The head of a juvenile black sea-bream A juvenile scad The head of a juvenile scad
The invasive sea squirt <i>Didemnum vexillum</i>, found on a pontoon in the River Dart. The invasive sea squirt <i>Didemnum vexillum</i>, found on a pontoon in the River Dart. A red gurnard caught in a trawl. One of two striped red mullet caught offshore of Point Lynas, North Wales.
A male (stage 4) streaked gurnard caught in a trawl, measuring 29.2cm long and 269g in weight. A large anglerfish camoflaged with substratum. Head of a large anglerfish showing dorsal and ventral surfaces. Anterior end of a moving anglerfish.
The painted goby <i>Pomatoschistus pictus</i>. The painted goby <i>Pomatoschistus pictus</i>. The Miniature sea onion <i>Bolteniopsis prenanti</i> on circalittoral rock in the Isles of Scilly. <i>Bolteniopsis prenanti</i> collected from the Isles of Scilly. The coin is 18 mm across.
Dorsal surface of the Cuckoo ray <i>Raja naevus</i>. Dorsal surface of common skate. Dorsal surface of common skate. A range of sizes of Atlantic mackerel.
An adult tope shark. Basking shark feeding near the surface. A white beaked dolphin breaking the surface. A breaching male humpback whale.
A baby humpback whale swimming with mother. A long spined sea scorpion resting on rocks Razorbills, <i>Alca torda</i>. The great black-backed gull, <i>Larus marinus</i>, in flight.
The common guillemot <i>Uria aalge</i> on the shore. A juvenile herring gull, <i>Larus argentatus</i>, with patches of the adult plumage. The black-legged kittiwake, <i>Rissa tridactyla</i>. The Manx shearwater, <i>Puffinus puffinus</i>, at its nest.
The red throated loon, <i>Gavia stellata</i>. The sandwich tern, <i>Sterna sandvicensis</i>. A colony of <i>Diazona violacea</i> on the sea floor. A two-spotted clingfish.
The unerside of a two-spotted clingfish. A resting butterfish <i>Pholis gunnellus</i> A blue morph star ascidian. A close up of a river lamprey.
A river lamprey out of water A grey gurnard on the sea floor. A resting streaked gurnard A swimming streaked gurnard
A gurnard within a patch of seaweed <i>Perophora japonica</i> on <i>Styela clava</i> <i>Perophora japonica</i> terminal buds A male cuckoo wrasse
A pollack out of water A corkwing wrasse out of water A red gurnard out of water A pair of goldsinny wrasse
<i>Ctenolabrus rupestris</i> A group of seabass in open water <i>Ctenolabrus rupestris</i> caught from Newlyn pier <i>Spondyliosoma cantharus</i> in Newlyn
A cod in an <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i> roofed crevice, St Abb's. A ling sheltering in a cave <i>Anarhichas lupus</i> sheltering in a cave <i>Pholis gunnellus</i> surrounded by dead man's fingers.
Juvenile <i>Anarhichas lupus</i>. A lemon sole camouflaged against the seafloor. St Abb's, Scotland. A school of <i>Osmerus eperlanus</i> at Snapes point, Salcombe estuary. A caught garfish on the rocks
<i>Crenilabrus melops</i> swimming within Kelp forest. A juvenile <i>Taurulus bubalis</i>. A breaching sperm whale. Tail fluke of a sperm whale.
A thornback ray, caught then released. <i>Chelon labrosus</i> on the upper region of the James Egon Layne. A camouflaged angler fish on the seabed. A camouflaged topknot on the seabed.
A resting angel shark on sandy substrate A close up of the face of <i>Squatina squatina</i>. An angel shark on the sea floor. A marbled electric ray in mid-water
A recently caught brill A starry smooth hound close to the seabed A spotted ray An active conger eel.
a number of recently hatched <i>Sepolia atlantica</i>. A resting scorpionfish. Two horse mackerel in open water A horse mackerel
A <i>Didemnum maculosum</i> colony. A swimming cuckoo wrasse. A swimming small-spotted catshark. A captured stage III female solenette.
A captured male smelt. Detail of the head of the long-spined sea scorpion. Football seasquirt colony. A sea lamprey attached to a basking shark.
A sea lamprey attached to a basking shark. A common eel in the coastal shallows of the Isles of Scilly. Macro image of a topknot. A conger in a hole.
A snake pipefish. A small headed clingfish A juvenile topknot. A sea snail
A sea snail A sea snail A mature male black goby <i>Abietinaria abietina</i>
<i>Taurulus bubalis</i> <i>Taurulus bubalis</i> <i>Taurulus bubalis</i> <i>Liparis liparis</i>
<i>Liparis liparis</i> <i>Alca torda</i> on cliff. <i>Larus marinus</i> <i>Phalacrocorax aristotelis</i> on rock.
<i>Sterna sandvicensis</i> <i>Rissa tridactyla</i> on cliff. <i>Melanitta nigra</i> (male and two females). <i>Platichthys flesus</i>
Anterior of <i>Platichthys flesus</i> <i>Aplidium punctum</i> <i>Diazona violacea</i> <i>Labrus bergylta</i> on Raglan Reef, The Manacles
<i>Tripterygion delaisi</i> <i>Rissa tridactyla</i> <i>Fulmarus glacialis</i> <i>Hippocampus guttulatus</i> with Snakelocks anemone (<i>Anemonia viridis</i>) attached to eelgrass
<i>Lipophyrs pholis</i> <i>Lepadogaster lepadogaster</i> <i>Ctenolabrus rupestris</i> <i>Pholis gunnellus</i>
Washed up empty egg case of <i>Scyliorhinus canicula</i> <i>Gaidropsarus mediterraneus</i> in a rockpool <i>Botrylloides leachii</i> growing over a kelp holdfast <i>Taurulus bubalis</i> (Long-spined sea scorpion)
A viviparous blenny in rockpool