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Sea anemones, corals, sea firs and jellyfish (Cnidaria) gallery

Entire <i>Actinia fragacea</i> with tentacles retracted. Entire individual with other smaller anemones around. Group of <i>Anemonia viridis</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound. Two individuals of <i>Cereus pedunculatus</i>.
Clumps of <i>Dynamena pumila</i> growing amongst holdfasts. <i>Anemone viridis</i> amongst <i>Dilsea carnosa</i> at Porthkerris, Cornwall. Line drawing of <i>Thieliana navis</i>. Small sea fan at the Mewstone, Plymouth.
<i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i>. Oral view of <i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i>. <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i> on the wreck of the Persier, south Devon. <i>Metridium senile</i>.
Pink and white <i>Metridium senile</i>. <i>Metridium senile</i> in Scapa Flow, Orkneys. <i>Metridium senile</i>. <i>Parazoanthus anguicomus</i>.
Individual with out-stretched tentacles. Group of individuals. A group of sea fans. <i>Arachnanthus sarsi</i> with tentacles outstretched.
<i>Funiculina quadrangularis</i>, tall sea pen. <i>Gymnangium montagui.</i> <i>Isozoanthus sulcatus</i> colony in typical habitat of silty rock. <i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i> in the Channel Isles.
<i>Mesacmaea mitchelli</i> in muddy gravel. <i>Sagartia elegans</i> var. <i>nivea</i> in Lyme Bay, Devon. Two fans of <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i> showing the two morphs, pink and white. <i>Actinia fragacea</i> with tentacles outstretched.
Dense bed of  <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i>. <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i> - close-up of polyps. Colonies of brown <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i> with polyps withdrawn. Tentacles of <i>Anemonia viridis</i>.
<i>Capnea sanguinea</i> (red) amongst pebbles and brittlestars. Oral view of <i>Capnea sanguinea</i> amongst gravel. <i>Capnea sanguinea</i>. Mass of <i>Aurelia aurita</i> scyphistomae (polypoid larvae) on a rock overhang.
<i>Alcyonium glomeratum</i> on the Manacles, southwest Cornwall. <i>Protanthea simplex</i>. <i>Protanthea simplex</i> at Stome Narrows in Loch Carron, Scotland. <i>Nemertesia ramosa</i>.
<i>Nematostella vectensis</i>, one individual removed from the substratum. Individual photographed in Trondheim Fjord, Norway. <i>Aurelia aurita</i> medusoid adult amongst <i>Ascophyllum nodosum</i>. Devonshire cup coral, <i>Caryophyllia smithii</i> at Strome Narrows, Loch Carron, Scotland.
Devonshire cup coral, <i>Caryophyllia smithii</i>. Close up of green and orange <i>Corynactis viridis</i> in the Channel Isles. Close up view of <i>Corynactis viridis</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound. Close up of <i>Corynactis viridis</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound.
Group of <i>Tubularia indivisa</i> on rock, St Kilda. A fireworks anemone <i>Pachycerianthus multiplicatus</i> from Loch Duich Head with tentacles outstretched. <i>Peachia cylindrica</i> anemone and maerl. Five <i>Balanophyllia (Balanophyllia) regia</i> on rock.
Aquarium photograph of colonies with gonothecae. Colony with feeding nudibranchs. The polyps of dead man's fingers <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i>. Close up of <i>Alcyonium glomeratum</i> expanded polyps at Hand Deeps, Plymouth.
White <i>Actinothoe sphyrodeta</i> at Firestone Bay, Plymouth Sound. <i>Caryophyllia smithii</i> on the wreck of the Rosehill, south Devon. <i>Mesacmaea mitchelli</i> in muddy sand at ca 8 m below chart datum Daisy anemones in sediment
<i>Cerianthus lloydii</i>. <i>Amphianthus dohrnii </i>polyps on branches of sea fan. Plumes of <i>Gymnangium montagui </i> Group of sea fan anemones on <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i>.
Sea fan anemone on <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i>. <i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i> eggs / larvae at water surface in aquarium. <i>Urticina felina</i>. <i>Urticina felina</i>.
<i>Urticina felina</i> column showing verrucae. Stem and polyps of <i>Virgularia mirabilis</i>. Sea pens, <i>Virgularia mirabilis</i> extending from muddy sediment. <i>Virgularia mirabilis </i>embedded in sediment.
<i>Cordylophora caspia</i> colony present on rocky overhang. Close up of large branching <i>Hartlaubella gelatinosa</i>. <i>Cordylophora caspia</i> colony present under an overhang. <i>Virgularia mirabilis</i> embedded in sediment; 5 colonies shown.
A few <i>Caryophyllia inornata</i> on rock surface. Illuminated image of <i>Clava multicornis</i>.  A number of <i>Funiculina quadrangularis</i> embedded in sediment Underwater, close-up view of <i>Cordylophora caspia</i>.
Two anemones on <i>Buccinum</i> shell. Aquarium photograph. The bottlebrush hydroid <i>Thuiaria thuja</i> on rock. The gem anemone, <i>Aulactinia verrucosa</i>, in south west Guernsey. Scarlet and gold star coral at Thorn Rock, Skomer.
<i>Anthopleura thallia</i> in a shallow rockpool. Dense <i>Anthopleura thallia</i> in a sandy rockpool. Red sea fingers. Typical group of the solitary coral <i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i>.
Cluster of <i>Parazoanthus axinellae</i> polyps. Close-up image of expanded strawberry anemone,<i> Actinia fragacea</i>. <i>Alcyonium hibernicum</i> with a diameter of 6 cm, at Knoll Pins on Lundy Island. Small colony of <i>Alcyonium hibernicum</i> on cave wall.
A variety of <i>Anthopleura ballii</i> with a green disc and tentacles, showing speckled column. <i>Cerianthus lloydii</i>. A colony of <i>Aiptasia mutabilis.</i> <i>Anthopleura ballii</i> on sediment covered rock.
Aquarium photograph of <i>Adamsia carciniopados</i> on <i>Pagurus prideaux</i>. Arachnactis larva of <i>Cerianthus lloydii</i> from the plankton. Young attached to column of adult <i>Epiactis prolifera.</i> <i>Peachia cylindrica</i> larvae.
<i>Peachia cylindrica</i> The gem anemone, <i>Aulactinia verrucosa</i>, of the west coast of Guernsey. By-the-wind-sailor, <i>Velella velella</i>. <i>Corynactis viridis</i> at Doune, Scotland.
Lumen of <i>Sagartia troglodytes</i> tentacle showing developing young. <i>Aglaophenia kirchenpaueri</i> on a subtidal rock. <i>Eunicella verrucosa<i>. The zoanthid sea anemone <i>Epizoanthus couchii</i>.
Adult <i>Aulactinia verrucosa</i> with juvenile. Pair of <i>Hormathia coronata</i> individuals on a mixed substratum. The worm anemone <i>Scolanthus callimorphus</i>. Sea fir <i>Halicium halecinum</i> and feather star <i>Antedon bifida</i>.
Oaten pipes hydroid. The plumose hydroid <i>Kirchenpaueria pinnata</i>. Closed and open gem anemones. Plumose anemone on a cable.
Necrotic<i> Eunicella verrucosa</i>. Caryopolyllia <i>Corynactis viridis</i>. <i>Urticina felina</i>.
<i>Urticina felina</i> <i>Cereus pedunculatus</i>. <i>Sagartia elegans</i> var. <i>nivia</i> with encrusting an sponge on Hat Rock, Plymouth . <i>Hydractinia echinata</i> on the carapace of a hermit crab.
<i>Edwardsiella carnea</i>. <i>Adamsia carciniopados</i> on hermit crab. <i>Cerianthus lloydii</i>. <i>Laomedea angulata</i> on seagrass.
<i>Obelia dichotoma</i> on side of rock. <i>Plumularia setacea</i>. A sea anemone <i>Sagartiogeton laceratus</i>. The fireworks anemone <i>Pachycerianthus multiplicatus</i> with tentacles outstretched.
<i>Pennatula phosphorea</i> and <i>Turritella communis</i> in muddy sediment. Close up of <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i> with polyps extended at Hand Deeps, Plymouth. Polyps of the cold-water coral <i>Lophelia pertusa</i>. The tall sea pen <i>Funiculina quadrangularis</i> at 20 m depth in Loch Duich.
Diver and the tall sea pen <i>Funiculina quadrangularis</i> at ca 20 m depth in Loch Duich White creeping anemone <i>Parazoanthus anguicomus</i> on rock. Aquarium photograph of individual from Firestone Bay, Plymouth Sound. <i>Aiptasia mutabilis</i> at Knoll Pins, Lundy Island.
<i>Balanophyllia (Balanophyllia) regia</i>, Ilfracombe. <i>Velella velella</i> washed ashore. <i>Velella velella</i> stranded on the shore. <i>Velella velella</i> being washed ashore.
Colony <i>Hoplangia durotrix</i> on the Wreck of the Rosehill at 24 meters depth below chart datum. Colonies of the Weymouth carpet coral <i>Hoplangia durotrix</i> in a gulley, Southampton. Dead <i>Velella velella</i> washed up on shore. Skeleton of a small colony of <i>Lophelia pertusa</i>.
Close up of the skeletal framework of a <i>Lophelia pertusa</i> colony. Close up the skeletal cups (corallites) of  <i>Lophelia pertusa</i>. Sunset cup coral <i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i> group on vertical rock below overhang at the Knoll Pins, Lundy. Group of sunset cup corals <i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i> on vertical rock at depth 30 m, Plymouth Sound old cliff-line.
Sunset cup coral <i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i> on vertical rock on submerged cliff-line offshore of Plymouth Sound. The bottlebrush hydroid <i>Thuiaria thuja</i>. White dead man's fingers, Mew Stone, Plymouth Sound. Close up of <i>Sagartia elegans</i>.
<i>Chrysaora hysoscella</i>. <i>Rhizostoma pulmo</i> at waters surface. <i>Rhizostoma pulmo</i>. <i>Cyanea lamarckii</i>.
<i>Diadumene cincta</i>. The stalked jellyfish <i>Haliclystus octoradiatus</i>. <i>Actinia fragacea</i> in rock pool. <i>Cataphellia brodricii</i>.
<i>Halcampoides elongatus</i> at Knoll Pins, Lundy Island. Necrotic example of <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i> at the Mewstone, Plymouth. <i>Cyanea capillata</i> at the Isle of Man. <i>Cyanea lamarckii</i>
Dead remains of <i>Physalia physalis</i> washed up on a beach. <i>Lucernariopsis campanulata</i>. <i>Pelagia noctiluca</i>, North Rat Island, Lundy. Medusa of <i>Aequorea forskalea</i>.
<i>Staurostoma mertensi</i>. <i>Cyanea capillata</i> off the Isle of Man. <i>Cyanea capillata</i> off the Isle of Man. <i>Thieliana navis</i> on <i>Ruppia</i>, Goesse Meer, The Netherlands.
<i>Cyanea lamarkii</i> stranded in rockpool. <i>Actinia equina</i> showing blue acrorhagi. <I>Anemonia viridis</I> attached to eelgrass. Colony of <i>Lophelia pertusa</i> from Mingulay Reef complex.
The medusa of <i>Aequorea forskalea</i>. <i>Diadumene cincta</i>. <i>Anthopleura ballii</i>. Snakelocks anemone in rockpool.
The dahlia anemone <i>Urticina felina</i> fully retracted. Column showing characteristic warts (verrucae) and adherent debris. Brilliant red <i>Actinia equina</i>. The beadlet anemone <i>Actinia equina</i> with characteristic blue acrorhagi. <i>Anemonia viridis</i>.
The kaleidoscope jellyfish <i>Haliclystus auricula</i>. The blue jellyfish <i>Cyanea lamarckii</i>. Lone <i>Halcampa chrysanthellum</i> on the seabed. <i>Actinauge richardi</i> specimen showing column.
<i>Corymorpha nutans</i> specimen, approximately 1 cm height. Specimen of <i>Epizoanthus incrustatus</i> with hermit crab <i>Anapagurus laevis</i>. <i>Hydrallmania falcata</i> at Firestone. The compass jellyfish <i>Chrysaora hysoscella</i> swimming in a marina.
<i>Hoplangia durotrix</i> with cup corals at Lundy. <i>Parazoanthus axinellae</i> on rock face at Lundy Island. <i>Schizotricha frutescens</i> at Gull Rock, Lundy. <i>Gymnangium montagui </i> at St. James Stone, Lundy.
<i>Metridium senile</i> seemingly 'on the move', HMS Scylla. By-the-wind-sailor, <i>Velella velella</i>. Group of <i>Velella velella</i> stranded on the shore. <i>Actinothoe sphyrodeta</i> showing the 'fried egg' colour morph on the wreck of the Mohegan at the Manacles, Cornwall.
<i>Caryophyllia smithii</i> on the Manalces, south-west Cornwall. <i>Tubularia indivisa</i> bearing reproductive bodies in Lyme Bay, Devon. <i>Urticina felina</i> at Scapa Flow, Orkneys. <i>Actinothoe sphyrodeta</i> Penryn Reef, Manacles, southwest Cornwall.
<i>Sagartia elegans</i> var.<i> rosea</i> on the wreck of the Scylla, Whitsand Bay, Cornwall. <i>Sagartia elegans</i> var. <i>miniata</i> at the Scilly Isles. <i>Sagartia elegans</i> var. <i>rosea </i>with <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i> in the Isles of Scilly. Close up of <i>Metridium senile</i> on Raglan Reef, Manacles, southwest Cornwall.
<i>Actinia fragacea</i> hanging off rock at Divers Beach, Lundy. <i>Actinia fragacea</i> taken in Wales. Withdrawn <i>Actinia fragacea</i> individual, Wales. White <i>Actinothoe sphyrodeta</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound.
<i>Adamsia carciniopados</i> on a hermit crab at the Breakwater Fort in the Plymouth Sound. <i>Adamsia carciniopados</i> on a hermit crab at Porthkerris Reef, south Cornwall. <i>Actinothoe sphyrodeta</i> showing striped column, at Doune, Scotland. Wall of <i>Actinia equina</i> in the Gouliot Caves, Sark, Channel Isles.
Close up of <i>Parazoanthus axinellae</i> polyps in the Channel Isles. <i>Chrysaora hysoscella</i> in the Channel Isles. The sealoch anemone <i>Protanthea simplex</i>. Two <i>Calliactis parasitica</i> anemones associated with a hermit crab on the sand in the Channel Isles.
Close up of <i>Alcyonium glomeratum</i> polyps, at Hand Deeps, Plymouth. Close up of <i>Alcyonium glomeratum</i> polyps in the Channel Isles. <i>Alcyonium glomeratum</i> showing open and closed polyps in the Channel Isles. <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i> and <i>Alcyonium glomeratum</i> at 25 meters depth in Firestone Bay, Plymouth Sound.
<i>Sagartia elegans</i> var. <i>venusta</i> on the wreck of the Scylla, Whitsand Bay, Cornwall. Cluster of <i>Epizoanthus couchii</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound. <i>Balanophyllia (Balanophyllia) regia</i>, Plymouth. A blue colour morph of <i>Urticina felina</i>.
Close up of <i>Caryophyllia inornata</i>. <i>Cerianthus lloydii</i> on sandy substrata in Loch Fyne, Scotland. <i>Caryophyllia smithii</i> in Doune, Scotland. <i>Corynactis viridis</i> on the hull of the wreck of the City of Westminster, Manacles, southwest Cornwall.
<i>Corynactis viridis</i> on Penryn Reef, Manacles, southwest Cornwall. <i>Corynactis viridis</i> on the Wreck of the Mohegan at the Manacles, southwest Cornwall. <i>Epizoanthus couchii</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound. Mermaids purse (dogfish egg) wrapped around <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i> at the Dartmouth Mewstone in south Devon.
Close up of the extended polyps of <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i> on Hand Deeps, Plymouth. <i>Mesacmaea mitchelli</i> at East Lundy. <i>Mesacmaea mitchelli</i> at East Lundy. <i>Nemertesia antennina</i>
<i>Parazoanthus anguicomus</i> on dead <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i> at Coopers Cliff off shore Plymouth Sound. <i>Parazoanthus axinellae</i> on Coopers Cliff off shore Plymouth Sound. Close up of <i>Parazoanthus anguicomus</i> at Doune, Scotland. Close up of <i>Parazoanthus anguicomus</i> on the Manacles, southwest Cornwall.
<i>Protanthea simplex</i> at Stome Narrows in Loch Carron, Scotland. Taken on a night dive, <i>Halcampoides abyssorum</i> retracting back into the gravel on the south side of  at Knoll Pins, Lundy. Brown morph of <i>Actinia equina</i>. <i>Lucernariopsis cruxmelitensis</i> with distinctive maltese cross.
<i>Gymnangium montagui</i>. A <i>Pachycerianthus</i> species off Sark. Compass jellyfish trapped among seaweed. The dahlia anemone.
Dried by-the-wind sailors on the beach. <i>Cataphellia brodricii</i>. Two <i>Bunodactis verrucosa</i> on the rocky shore. <i>Bunodactis verrucosa</i> attached to a rock.
<i>Chrysaora hysoscella</i> washed up on the beach. The tentacles of an <i>Anemonia viridis</i> carried by the current. Close up of the tentacles of an <i>Anemonia viridis</i>. Small colony of the weymouth carpet coral <i>Hoplangia durotrix</i>.
An <i>Actinia equina</i> attached to the substratum. <i>Peachia cylindrica</i> buried in coarse sand. <i>Actinauge richardi</i>, tentacles retracted. Close up of tentacles of <i>Actinauge richardi</i>.
Close-up view of <i>Pennatula phosphorea</i>. Close up view of drifting <i>Apolemia uvaria</i>. Group of <i>Urticina felina</i>. Clump of <i>Parazoanthus anguicomus</i>.
<i>Amphianthus dohrnii</i> in the Scilly Isles. <i>Actinia equina</i> in between rocks. Pair of <i>Aiptasia mutabilis</i> on a soft sediment - lateral view. <i>Aiptasia mutabilis</i> on a soft sediment.
<i>Anemonia viridis</i> standing out in murky waters. <i>Aulactinia verrucosa</i> pair on a sandy seabed. <i>Aulactinia verrucosa</i> pair viewed from above. Three retracted <i>Aulactinia verrucosa</i>.
<i>Capnea sanguinea</i>, conspicuous on a brown seabed. Small group of <i>Epizoanthus couchii</i>. Small group of <i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i>. <i>Abietinaria abietina</i> at Stoke.
<i>Antennella secundaria</i> hanging down from an overhang. <i>Antennella secundaria</i> at Lundy. <i>Antennella secundaria</i> on a sea fan. <i>Clytia hemisphaerica</i> growing on the bryozoan <i>Pentapora</i>.
The hydroid <i>Garveia nutans</i>. <i>Gymnangium montagui</i> at Hand Deeps. <i>Gymnangium montagui</i> at Firestone. <i>Gymnangium montagui</i> at Hand Deeps sideways view.
Close up view of <i>Gymnangium montagui</i> at an aquarium. <i>Halecium halecinum</i> at Mewstone, Plymouth. <i>Halecium halecinum</i> at Firestone, Plymouth. <i>Hydrallmania falcata</i> at Firestone - from a distance.
<i>Sertularella gayi</i> at West Eddystone, Plymouth. <i>Tubularia indivisa</i> heads over a dark background. <i>Tubularia indivisa</i> patch at Firestone. Small group of <i>Tubularia larynx</i>.
Group of <i>Tubularia larynx</i> at the Scylla, Plymouth. Group of <i>Tubularia larynx</i> at the Scylla, Plymouth. Group of <i>Tubularia larynx</i> at the Scylla, Plymouth. <i>Tubularia larynx</i> at Firestone.
<i>Parerythropodium hibernicum</i>. Retracted <i>Balanophyllia (Balanophyllia) regia</i>. <i>Alcyonium glomeratum</i> against a black background. Lone <i>Caryophyllia smithii</i> on a rock.
<i>Velella velella</i> stranded on a sandy shore. The jellyfish <i>Pelagia noctiluca</i>. Close up view of the jellyfish <i>Pelagia noctiluca</i>. <i>Anthopleura ballii</i> on a sublittoral seabed.
Lone <i>Cerianthus lloydii</i> on a sandy seabed in Doune. <i>Cereus pedunculatus</i> almost hidden amongst seaweed on a gravel bed. Centre of <i>Pachycerianthus multiplicatus</i> against a black background. Retracted <i>Pachycerianthus multiplicatus</i> against a black background.
<i>Peachia cylindrica</i> on a gravel bed. <i>Protanthea simplex</i> surrounded by brittle stars. Tatty looking <i>Tubularia indivisa</i> individuals. <i>Lucernariopsis cruxmelitensis</i> in Doune.
Five closed <i>Actinia equina</i> individuals at low tide. Closed <i>Actinia equina</i> individuals on an overhang. A patch of a bryozoan of the genus <i>Tricellaria</i>. <i>Tricellaria inopinata</i> near a rockpool.
A closed <i>Actinia equina</i> individual at low tide. A closed <i>Actinia fragacea</i> specimen. Green and pink-tipped <i>Anemonia viridis</i> at low tide. Dome of <i>Chrysaora hysoscella</i>.
<i>Chrysaora hysoscella</i> in a harbour. <i>Cyanea lamarckii</i> washed ashore a cobble beach. <i>Cereus pedunculatus</i> on cobbles. Orange-centred <i>Sagartia elegans</i> with clear white spots on the column.
Closed <i>Urticina felina</i>. <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i> under an overhang at low tide. <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i> under an overhang at low tide - close up view. A standed <i>Chrysaora hysoscella</i> at Skomer Island.
<i>Nemertesia antennina</i> at Mewstone, Plymouth. <i>Tubularia indivisa</i> experiencing relatively strong currents. <i>Sagartiogeton undatus</i> on sandy sublittoral sediment. Lone, olive green <i>Aiptasia mutabilis</i>.
Hermit crab with <i>Hydractinia echinata</i> growth on its shell. <i>Nemertesia ramosa</i> colony. Contracted <i>Actinia fragacea</i> above water. <i>Haliclystus auricula</i>
A white sea fan amongst pink fans on the wreck of the Persier, Bigbury Bay. Single piece of <i>Abietinaria abietina</i> washed up on strandline at Shingle Beach, Hastings, E. Sussex. <i>Amphianthus dohrni</i> <i>Anemonia viridis</i>
<i>Anthopleura ballii</i> spawning <i>Caryophyllia smithii</i> <i>Caryophyllia smithii</i> <i>Leptopsammia pruvoti</i>
<i>Sagartia elegans</i> The sea-fir <i>Dynamena pumila</i> attached to an intertidal fucoid. The sea-fir <i>Dynamena pumila</i> attached to an intertidal fucoid. An attached hydroid found in a littoral rockpool.
An attached hydroid found in a littoral rockpool. Closeup of the jellyfish <i>Aequorea forskalea</i> washed up on beach. Beach with hundreds of washed-up <i>Aequorea forskalea</i>. Floating pneumatophore of a live colony of <i>Physalia physalis</i>.
A white Sandalled anemone, showing column and tentacles. A partially-retracted white Sandalled anemone, showing column and tentacles. An orange-striped anemone at Porthallow, showing striped orange scaphus. A parasitic anemone on the claw of the edible crab, <i>Cancer pagurus</i>.
A group of daisy anemones found near a <i>Zostera noltii</i> seagrass bed. <i>Cerianthus lloydii</i> on seabed A collection of sandalled anemones Macro image of a stranded Portuguese man o' war.
A macro image of an anemone on rocky substratum <i>Actinia equina</i> a blue jellyfish in open water A feeding blue jellyfish
<i>Pachycerianthus multiplicatus</i>on rocky substratum <i>Bolocera tuediae</i> on rocky substratum <i>Swiftia pallida</i> surrounded by coral polyps. <i>Capnea sanguinea</i> on the sea floor.
<i>Corymorpha nutans</i> on shelly sand. <i>Kirchenpaueria pinnata</i> on muddy sand. <i>Thuiaria thuja</i> on rocky substrate. <i>Nemertesia ramosa</i> hydroid colonies at the Runnelstone, Cornwall
A small-headed clingfish resting on a rock. A recently stranded <i>Chrysaora hysoscella</i>. A wall covered with a number of beadlet anemones. A gem anemone.
An attached stalked jellyfish <i>Craterolophus convolvulus</i>. A <i>Cereus pedunculatus</i> anemone surrounded by <i>Corynactis viridis</i> anemones. A plumose anemone colony. A Lion's mane jellyfish near the surface.
<i>Bolinopsis infundibulum</i> near the surface. <i>Bolinopsis infundibulum</i> near the surface. A northern sea fan. A group of <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i> colonies in the Firth of Lorn.
A collection of anemones amongst <i>Sabella pavonina</i>. A sea loch anemone. A bblue jellyfish in shallow water. <i>Diphasia nigra</i> on rocky reef.
<i>Diphasia nigra</i> <i>Urticina felina</i> <i>Urticina felina</i> <i>Abietinaria abietina</i>
<i>Cereus pedunculatus</i> <i>Aulactinia verrucosa</i> <i>Metridium senile</i> <i>Metridium senile</i>
<i>Lucernariopsis campanulata</i> <i>Lucernariopsis cruxmelitensis</i> <i>Haliclystus auricula</i> on eel grass. <i>Sagartiogeton undatus</i>
<i>Nemertesia antennina</i> <i>Nemertesia antennina</i> close up. <i>Caliactis parasitica</i> attached to a common whelk shell that is inhabited by a large hermit crab. <i>Parazoanthus axinellae</i>
<i>Caryophyllia smithii</i>, the Devonshire cup coral. <i>Caryophyllia smithii</i>, the Devonshire cup coral. <i>Antennella secundaria</i> Colony of <i>Antennella secundaria</i>
White and orange <i>Metridium senile</i> <i>Alcyonium digitatum</i> <i>Urticina felina</i> <i>Metridium senile</i> showing catch tentacles
<i>Rhizostoma pulmo</i> washed up on the beach <i>Neoturris pileata</i> <i>Metridium senile</i> with tentacles retracted, surrounded by brittlestars <i>Urticina felina</i> (showing colour variation between the two)
<i>Anthopleura ballii</i> (red speckled pimplet)