MarLIN Gallery

Starfish, brittlestars, sea urchins & sea cucumbers (Echinodermata) gallery

<i>Asterina gibbosa</i> cushion star. <i>Ophiothrix fragilis</i> brittlestar bed. <i>Psammechinus miliaris</i>. <i>Echinus esculentus</i> and hermit crabs on grazed rock.
<i>Echinus esculentus</i> at Strome Narrows, Loch Carron on the west Scottish coast. <i>Crossaster papposus</i>, sunstar . Two individuals on sand. Entire individual on sea bed.
<i>Henricia oculata</i>. Small group of individuals on rocky substratum <i>Amphiura filiformis</i> arms protruding through sand. <i>Antedon petasus</i> featherstar.
<i>Holothuria (Panningothuria) forskali</i> spawning at the Blackstone, Plymouth. Feeding tentacles of <i>Neopentadactyla mixta</i> protruding from gravel. <i>Antedon bifida</i> feather stars. Common starfish <i>Asterias rubens</i>. A damaged small individual regrowing its arms is in the foreground.
Oral view of <i>Asterias rubens</i> eating a topshell. <i>Asterias rubens</i> feeding on <i>Mytilus edulis</i>. <i>Asterias rubens</i> on scallop shell. <i>Crossaster papposus</i>.
<i>Crossaster papposus</i> next to sponge. <i>Leptometra celtica</i>, deep water crinoid. <i>Luidia ciliaris</i>. Small spiny starfish.
Common starfish. Large seven-armed starfish amongst brittle stars. Cotton spinner. Red starfish off Brittany.
Purple sea urchin. Purple sea urchin and daisy anemone (<i>Cereus peduncatus</i>) in rock pool. The cotton spinner, on Lee Rocks, Lundy. <i>Psammechinus miliaris</i> on kelp.
<i>Spatangus purpureus</i> half out of course sediment <i>Echinocardium cordatum</i> dug up from coarse sediment. <i>Cucumaria frondosa</i> photographed off the Faroe Islands. A number of <i>Echinocardium cordatum</i> being dug up.
<i>Asterina gibbosa</i> on over turned boulder. <i>Psammechinus miliaris</i> echinopluteus larvae, ca 17 days old with visible rudiment. The sea gherkin <i>Pawsonia saxicola</i> at Stoke Point, Plymouth. <i>Ophiocomina nigra</i> at a depth of 15 m.
<i>Crossaster papposus</i>. <i>Labidoplax digitata</i> in sediment. <i>Echinus esculentus</i> at Lundy. <i>Antedon bifida</i>
Aggregation of <i>Ocnus planci</i> on cobbles and pebbles. Female <i>Psammechinus miliaris</i> spawning eggs. Male <i>Psammechinus miliaris</i> spawning sperm. <i>Ophiopholis aculeata</i>
Bed of the brittlestar <i>Ophiopholis aculeata</i>. <i>Aslia lefevrei</i>. <i>Psammechinus miliaris</i> grazing kelp. <i>Astropecten irregularis</i>.
The sea gherkin <i>Pawsonia saxicola</i> on rock. <i>Pawsonia saxicola</i> photographed against a seaweed background. <i>Amphipholis squamata</i>. <i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> with <i>Corella</i> sp. and <i>Botrylloides schlosseri</i> under boulder.
<i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> in rockpool. <i>Porania (Porania) pulvillus</i>. <i>Porania (Porania) pulvillus</i> <i>Porania (Porania) pulvillus</i> on the Manacles, Lizard Point, southwest Cornwall..
The arms of <i>Amphiura</i> spp. Deep sea cucumber from west of Scotland. Yellow colour morph of <I>Asterina gibbosa</I>. <i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> at 2 m depth, Wembury, South Devon.
Close up of arms and disc of <i>Amphiura filiformis</i>. <i>Echinus esculentus</i>, the edible sea urchin. <i>Henricia oculata</i>, the Bloody Henry starfish. <i>Luidia ciliaris</i>, the seven armed stafish.
<i>Anseropoda placenta</i> specimens, larger specimen approximately 15 cm long. <i>Leptasterias (Leptasterias) muelleri</i> specimen. <i>Leptopentacta elongata</i> specimen, approximately 5 cm long. <i>Ophiopholis aculeata</i> specimen, approximately 10 cm across.
<i>Antedon bifida</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound. <i>Antedon bifida</i> from a settlement plate on a pontoon. A group of <i>Amphipholis squamata</i> on a rocky shore. <i>Ophiura ophiura</i> at the Breakwater Fort in Plymouth Sound.
<i>Solaster endeca</i> near Lismore Island, western Scotland. <i>Solaster endeca</i> at Loch Creran, west Scotland. <i>Psammechinus miliaris</i> on the Scylla, Whitsand Bay, Plymouth. Ripe pinnules of <i>Antedon bifida</i> at Firestone Bay, Plymouth Sound.
Ripe pinnules of <i>Antedon bifida</i> at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound. <i>Antedon bifida</i> juvenile at Firestone Bay in Plymouth Sound. <i>Echinus esculentus</i> showing tube feet, spines and pedicellaria at the Mewstone in Plymouth. Close up of <i>Echinus esculentus</i> showing tube feet, spines and pedicellaria at the Mewstone, Plymouth.
<i>Asterina gibbosa</i> at Bovisand, Plymouth. <i>Asterias rubens</i> spawning in West Scotland. <i>Henricia oculata</i> on Maerl beds in the Creag Gobhainn area of Loch Fyne at 15m depth. <i>Henricia oculata</i> at Strome Narrows, Loch Carron in Scotland.
<i>Luidia ciliaris</i> on the western side of the Eddystone reef, Plymouth. <i>Leptasterias (Leptasterias) muelleri</i> brooding its eggs on <i>Modiolus</i> beds at Strangford Lough, County Down, Northern Ireland. <i>Leptasterias (Leptasterias) muelleri</i> brooding its eggs on <i>Modiolus</i> beds at Strangford Lough, County Down, Northern Ireland. <i>Anseropoda placenta</i> - at Lunga, Firth of Lorne, west Scotland.
<i>Anseropoda placenta</i> - slightly burried at Bo na Surraig, Loch Tealasavay, west Scotland. <i>Anseropoda placenta</i> at Sgeir Hal, Loch Seaforth, west Scotland. <i>Anseropoda placenta</i> - Rathlin Island, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Collection of <i>Asterias rubens</i> illustrating variation in size.
<i>Crossaster papposus</i> at Scapa Flow, Orkneys. <i>Ophiura ophiura</i> at Three Cliffs Bay, Gower. Two <i>Crossaster papposus</i> showing range in size between juvenile and adult. <i>Echinocyamus pusillus</i>, a tiny sea urchin.
Close up of <i>Echinocardium cordatum</i>. A heart urchin <i>Echinocardium pennatifidum</i> on coarse, clean sand. Juvenile <i>Asterias rubens</i>. Close up of <i>Astropecten irregularis</i> in a laboratory.
Medium-sized <i>Crossaster papposus</i> on some wood. <i>Cucumaria frondosa</i> in a laboratory. <i>Ophiura ophiura</i> in a laboratory. <i>Psammechinus miliaris</i> in a laboratory.
Dorsal view of <i>Spatangus purpureus</i>. Ventral view of <i>Spatangus purpureus</i>. Dorsal view of a juvenile ophiuroid brittle star. Purple and white <i>Leptasterias (Leptasterias) muelleri</i>.
Lone black <i>Ophiocomina nigra</i> on a rock. Small orange <i>Luidia ciliaris</i> individual. <i>Neopentadactyla mixta</i> feeding tentacles. Bright red <i>Echinus esculentus</i> individual.
<i>Echinus esculentus</i> larva. Entangled <i>Antedon bifida</i> feathers. <i>Aslia lefevrei</i> tentacles. <i>Astropecten irregularis</i> on a sandy seabed.
<i>Henricia oculata</i> in Doune. Close up view of <i>Luidia ciliaris</i> arms and tube feet. <i>Ophiothrix fragilis</i> arms waving upwards. <i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> crawling under an overhand.
<i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> covered in dirt. <i>Luidia ciliaris</i> on a sandy seabed. <i>Asterina gibbosa</i> on a ledge. <i>Amphiura filiformis</i> before burying itself in sand.
<i>Amphiura filiformis</i> burying itself in sand. <i>Amphiura filiformis</i> in someone's hand. A large and a small <i>Astropecten irregularis</i> specimen. Many <i>Asterias rubens</i> individuals grouped together.
<i>Asterias rubens</i> on a dark rock. <i>Echinus esculentus</i> in a laboratory. Mouth region of <i>Echinus esculentus</i>. <i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> on an intertidal rock.
The sea potato <i>Echinocardium cordatum</i> partially buried in sand. <i>Antedon bifida</i> under the overhang of a boulder. <i>Antedon bifida</i> under a small boulder. <i>Astropecten irregularis</i> on Aberavon beach.
<i>Astropecten irregularis</i> on the shore at Three Cliff Bay. Juvenile <i>Asterias rubens</i> on a rocky shore. Pair of <i>Asterias rubens</i> on a sandy shore. <i>Echinocardium cordatum</i> on a sandy shore.
<i>Ophiothrix fragilis</i> on kelp. <i>Ophiothrix fragilis</i> exposed on a rocky shore. Colourful <i>Psammechinus miliaris</i> specimen. Dark feeding tentacles of <i>Aslia lefevrei</i>.
Oral sides of one large and one small brittlestar. <i>Labidoplax digitata</i> partially buried in fine sand sediment. <i>Echinocardium cordatum</i> with commensal <i>Tellimya ferruginosa</i> exposed at low tide. Series of photos of <i>Echinocardium cordatum</i> emerging from burrow at low tide in Port Eynon, Wales.
The oral (underside) of the pea urchin. The aboral (top) side of the pea urchin. Close-up of the aboral (top) side of the pea urchin. Close-up of the aboral (top) side of a cushion star found in an intertidal rockpool.
Close-up of the oral (underside) side of a cushion star found in an intertidal rockpool. The aboral (top) side of a cushion star found in an intertidal rockpool. Black brittlestar in an aquarium. A heart urchin on the sea floor.
A heart urchin on the sea floor. <i>Holothuria (Panningothuria) forskali</i> The tip of a <i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> leg. <i>Anseropoda placenta</i> on shelly sand.
<i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> feeding on <i>Cancer pagurus</i>, showing a large array of pedicellariae The cushion star <i>Asterina gibbosa</i>. A predatory <i>Luidia ciliaris</i> sea star. A common brittlestar <i>Ophiothrix fragilis</i>.
A bloody henry starfish <i>Asterina phylactica</i> with periwinkle. <i>Asterina phylactica</i> <i>Asterina phylactica</i>
Feeding tentacles of <i>Neopentadactyla mixta</i> <i>Echinus esculentus</i> showing tube feet and pedicellaria. Close up of central disc of <i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> showing mobile and wreath pedicellariae <i>Ophiothrix fragilis</i>
Two new arms formed on <i>Marthasterias glacialis</i> <i>Echinus esculentus</i> <i>Crossaster papposus</i> <i>Solaster endeca</i>
<i>Porania (porania) pulvillus</i> <i>Ophiocomina nigra</i> <i>Brissopsis lyrifera</i> <i>Solaster endeca</i> Purple Sea Star with a few cone shells
<i>Ophiocomina nigra</i> (black brittlestar) The seven-armed starfish burrowing into sand.