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Mobility and Attachment Type

Mobility Definition
Swimmer An organism that moves through the water column via movements of its cilia, flagella, fins, legs or appendages, via undulatory movements of the body or via jet propulsion (e.g. Gadus, Loligo).
Crawler An organism that moves along on the substratum via movements of its legs, appendages or muscles (e.g. Carcinus).
Burrower An organism that lives or moves in a burrow (e.g. Arenicola).
Drifter An organism whose movement is dependent on wind or water currents (e.g. Aurelia).
Permanent attachment Non-motile; permanently attached at the base (Lincoln, Boxshall and Clark 1998) (e.g. Caryophyllia).
Temporary attachment Temporary / sporadic attachment. Attached to a substratum but capable of movement across (or through) it (i.e. sedentary) (e.g. Actinia).