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Dense Lanice conchilega in tide-swept lower shore sand



Image Anon. - Dense Lanice conchilega in muddy sand. Image width ca XX cm.
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LS.LSa.MuSa.Lan recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light blue bullet) distribution in Britain and Ireland (see below)

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For a list of 2004 characterising species please see the JNCC website.

Map icon UK and Ireland classification

Major habitat LS Littoral sediment
Habitat complex LS.LSa Littoral sand
Biotope complex LS.LSa.MuSa Polychaete / bivalve dominated muddy sand shores
Biotope LS.LSa.MuSa.Lan Lanice conchilega in littoral sand

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European Nature Information System (EUNIS) habitat classification code: A2.245/B-LGS.S.Lan - Dense Lanice conchilega in tide-scoured lower shore sand (Davies & Moss, 1998).

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