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Phragmites australis swamp and reed beds



Image Harvey Tyler-Walters - Edge of a Phragmites reed bed in February, Tamar Estuary. Image width ca 1 m in foreground.
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Distribution map

SS.IMU.Ang.S4 recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light blue bullet) distribution in Britain and Ireland (see below)

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Map icon UK and Ireland classification

Major habitat SS Sublittoral sediments
Habitat complex SS.IMU
Biotope complex SS.IMU.Ang Angiosperm communities (lagoons)
Biotope SS.IMU.Ang.S4 Phragmites australis swamp and reed beds

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The UK National Vegetation Classification (NVC) S4 (Rodwell, 1995): Phragmites australis swamp and reedbeds. Phragmitetum australis (Gams, 1927) Schmale, 1939. Includes the sub-communities:
  • Phragmites australis dominated sub-community;
  • Galium palustre sub-community;
  • Menyanthes trifoliata sun-community, and
  • Atriplex prostata sub-communities, which includes the Atriplex prostata dominated variant, Puccinellia maritima variant and Agrostis stolonifera variant.
European Natural Information System (EUNIS) classification (Davies & Moss, 1998):
  • A2.63C - Saline beds of Phragmites australis (Saline reedbeds), and
  • A4.551/B-IMU.Ang.NVC.S4 - Vegetation of brackish waters dominated by Phragmites australis (Vegetation of brackish waters dominated by common reed Phragmites).

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