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Potamogeton pectinatus community



Image Martin Isaeus - A bed of fennel pondweed Potamogeton pectinatus.
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Distribution map

SS.SMp.Ang.A12 recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light blue bullet) distribution in Britain and Ireland (see below)

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For a list of 2004 characterising species please see the JNCC website.

Map icon UK and Ireland classification

Major habitat SS Sublittoral sediment
Habitat complex SS.SMp Sublittoral macrophyte-dominated communities on sediments
Biotope complex SS.SMp.Ang Angiosperm communities in reduced salinity
Biotope SS.SMp.Ang.A12 Potamogeton pectinatus community

Additional information icon Additional information

  • UK National Vegetation Classification (NVC): A12 Potamogeton pectinatus community (Rodwell, 1995).
  • European Union Nature Information System (EUNIS) habitat classification: A4.552/M-III.1.1.3. - Association with Potamogeton pectinatus (Davies & Moss, 1998).

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