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Puccinellia maritima salt marsh community



Image Kathy Duncan - Puccinellia maritima salt marsh. Image width ca 5 m.
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LS.LMp.Sm.SM13 recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light blue bullet) distribution in Britain and Ireland (see below)

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For a list of 2004 characterising species please see the JNCC website.

Map icon UK and Ireland classification

Major habitat LS Littoral sediment
Habitat complex LS.LMp Littoral macrophyte-dominated sediment
Biotope complex LS.LMp.Sm Saltmarsh
Biotope LS.LMp.Sm.SM13 Puccinellia maritima salt-marsh community

Additional information icon Additional information

UK National Vegetation Classification (NVC) SM13 : Puccinellia maritima saltmarsh community. Puccinellietum maritimae community (Warming, 1906) Christiansen 1927. Includes the following sub-communities:
  • Puccinellia maritima dominant sub-community;
  • Glaux maritima sub-community;
  • Limonium vulgare - Armeria maritima sub-community;
  • Plantago maritima - Armeria maritima sub-community;
  • Puccinellia maritima - turf fucoid sub-community, and the
  • Puccinellia maritima - Spartina maritima sub-community.
European Natural Information System (EUNIS) classification (Davies & Moss, 1998):
  • A2.646/B-LMU.Sm.NVC.SM13a - Puccinellia maritima low-mid saltmarshes (Common saltmarsh-grass (Puccinellia maritima) low-mid saltmarshes);
  • A2.647/B-LMU.Sm.NVC.SM13b - Sub-communities of Puccinellia maritima saltmarsh with Limonium vulgare and Armeria maritima; Puccinellia maritima with Glaux maritima co-dominant in species-poor veg.; Puccinellia maritima with Plantago maritima and/or Armeria maritima (Sub-communities of common saltmarsh-grass saltmarsh with sea lavender and sea arrowgrass; common saltmarsh-grass with sea-milkwort co-dominant in species-poor vegetation; common saltmarsh-grass with sea plantain and/or sea arrowgrass).

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