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Limaria hians beds in tide-swept sublittoral muddy mixed sediment



Image Sue Scott - Gaping file shell nest on mixed muddy substratum, with nest opened and Limaria hians exposed. Image with ca 15 cm.
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Distribution map

SS.SMx.IMx.Lim recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light blue bullet) distribution in Britain and Ireland (see below)

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Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

The biotope is recorded from a few locations on the west coast of Scotland, and in Mulroy Bay, Co. Donegal, Ireland. For a full species distribution see %Limaria hians%.

Habitat preferences

Temperature range preferences - Data deficient

Water clarity preferences - High clarity / Low turbidity
Medium clarity / Medium turbidity

Limiting Nutrients - Data deficient

Other preferences - Data deficient

Additional information

This biotope has been recorded from 4-98 m on mixed muddy gravel or sand, coarse sands, muddy maerl, and bedrock in areas with weak to strong tidal streams and wave exposed to extremely wave sheltered habitats (Connor et al., 1997; JNCC, 1999; Hall-Spencer & Moore, 2000b). It is probable that the Limaria hians carpet does not occur in shallow depths in wave exposed locations. It occurs at high densities in the Creag Gobhainn area of Loch Fyne (Hall-Spencer & Moore, 2000b) and Moross Channel, Mulroy Bay, Ireland (Minchin, 1995), and is very common in Loch Sunart (Howson, 1996).

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