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Barren coarse sand shores


Barren coarse sand shores
Distribution map

LS.LGS.S.BarSnd recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light blue bullet) distribution in Britain and Ireland (see below)

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Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

LGS.BarSnd is a common biotope that occurs on coasts of Britain and Ireland, where the hydrodynamic regime and underlying topography and geology allow accumulation of sandy substrata that is subject to redistribution by tide and currents. The biotope is found particularly at the entrance of the coastal inlets of the south west and is notably absent in the south east of England.

Habitat preferences

Temperature range preferences - Field unresearched

Water clarity preferences - Not relevant

Limiting Nutrients - Field unresearched

Other preferences -

Additional information

The species that occur are typical of unconsolidated coarse sediments that are re-mobilized as a result of strong tidal streams or wave action.

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