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Musculus discors beds on moderately exposed circalittoral rock


<i>%Musculus discors% </i>beds on moderately exposed circalittoral rock
Distribution map

CR.MCR.CMus.Mdis recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light blue bullet) distribution in Britain and Ireland (see below)

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Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

An uncommon biotope only recorded from Pappa Westray, Orkney; north Pembrokeshire, the Lleyn Peninsula and Anglesey in Wales, and Glandore Bay, Rathlin O'Birne, Kilkieran Bay and Carnsore Point in Ireland.

Habitat preferences

Temperature range preferences - See additional information

Water clarity preferences - Data deficient

Limiting Nutrients - Data deficient

Other preferences -

Additional information

Könnecker (1977) suggested that the Musculus discors association in Kilkieran Bay, Ireland was an example of an eurythermal and eurysaline community. The MNCR biotope classification (Conner et al., 1997a) suggested that this biotope was associated with moderate wave exposure and weak to moderately strong tidal streams. However, the Musculus discors communities described by Cabioch (1968) occurred in areas subject to strong currents, and the Musculus discors communities in Kilkieran Bay were associated with currents greater than 2.5m/sec (5 knots) (Könnecker, 1977; 1983).

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