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Halcampa chrysanthellum and Edwardsia timida on sublittoral clean stone gravel



Image Bernard Picton - Edwardsia timida on sublittoral clean stone gravel. Image width ca XX cm.
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Distribution map

SS.IGS.FaG.HalEdw recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light blue bullet) distribution in Britain and Ireland (see below)

  • EC_Habitats

Species indicative of sensitivity

To assess the sensitivity of the biotope, the sensitivity of component species is reviewed. Those species that are considered to be particularly indicative of the sensitivity of the biotope, and for which research has been undertaken in detail are shown below (see selection criteria). The biology of other component species of the biotope is also taken into account wherever information is known to the researcher.

Species found especially in this biotope

  • Halcampa chrysanthellum
  • Edwardsia timida

Rare of scarce species associated with this biotope

Community Importance Species name Common Name
Important characterizing Halcampa chrysanthellum A sea anemone
Important characterizing Edwardsia timida A sea anemone


There is very little information available to indicate likely sensitivity of characteristic or other species of community importance in the biotope. Assessment of sensitivity and recoverability relies on a general knowledge of biology of biotopes where the surface layer of biota is likely to be disturbed occasionally but infauna species are likely to be long-lived and have stable populations.

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Hiscock, K. 2001. Halcampa chrysanthellum and Edwardsia timida on sublittoral clean stone gravel. Marine Life Information Network: Biology and Sensitivity Key Information Sub-programme [on-line]. Plymouth: Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. [cited 29/11/2015]. Available from: <>