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Venerupis senegalensis and Mya truncata in lower shore or infralittoral muddy gravel


<i>%Venerupis senegalensis%</i> and <i>%Mya truncata%</i> in lower shore or infralittoral muddy gravel
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SS.IMX.FaMx.VsenMtru recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light blue bullet) distribution in Britain and Ireland (see below)

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Map icon Distribution of biotope in Britain and Ireland Patchily distributed around the coasts of Britain and Ireland. Recorded from the Shetland Islands, north east England, south west England, south west Wales, western Scotland and southern Ireland.
National importance Scarce

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Intertidal and shallow sublittoral muddy gravel in sheltered inlets that do not have a significantly reduced salinity (sea lochs) with Venerupis senegalensis and occasionally with Mya truncata. This biotope is perhaps best considered as an extension onto the extreme lower shore of a sublittoral biotope. Other typical components of the community include the polychaetes Notomastus latericeus, Aphelochaeta marioni and Tubificoides benedii. (Information taken from the Marine Biotope Classification for Britain and Ireland, Version 97.06: Connor et al., 1997a, b).

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