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information for marine environmental management, protection and education

MarLIN is the most comprehensive resource of information about the marine environment of the British Isles. It is the largest review of the effects of human activities and natural events on marine species and habitats yet undertaken.

Biodiversity & Conservation Information

Information on marine species, habitats and UK BAPs, their sensitivity to human activities and resources for managers, e.g. BIOTIC.


MarLIN Education

MarLIN supports sustainable marine management and protection. MarLIN:

  • provides information on over 850 species, and 135 habitats
  • identifies species and habitats at particular risk (sensitivity) from human activities or natural events, and
  • provides unbiased access to the best available scientific evidence for all marine stakeholders

MarLIN information is widely cited in peer reviewed journals, reports and conference papers and MarLIN information and sensitivity reviews form the basis of much of the advice currently in use for SACs, MCZs and marine plans.

MarLIN is under redevelopment to meet the requirements of the latest legislative drivers and the challenges of effective marine planning and management. The new website will be launched in Dec. 2015.