Seabed Indicator Species Database

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The EU Water Framework Directive provides an imperative to identify biological (as well as physical and chemical) data to inform the development of measures of quality. The measures need to relate to a range of "Pressures" so that cause and effect can be assessed. It is the matching of information sources to different Pressures (Environmental factors) which is at the core of this Web site.

The area included is the north-east Atlantic, predominantly estuarine and nearshore habitats.

Ninety-eight papers or reports have been identified that list species which increase or decrease or that are considered intolerant or favoured in relation to different pressures/environmental factors. The publications have been inspected and the results summarized in a database that informs these Web pages.

The response of 482 taxa to seven Pressures, 15 Environmental factors and a general category for industrial effluents including sewage and metals. Users of the Web pages are invited to draw attention to relevant publications not included or to information about potential indicators based on their own knowledge.

Reference to report: Hiscock, K., Langmead, O., Warwick, R. & Smith, A., 2005. Identification of seabed indicator species to support implementation of the EU Habitats and Water Framework Directives. Second edition. Report to the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and the Environment Agency from the Marine Biological Association . Plymouth : Marine Biological Association. JNCC Contract F90-01-705. 77 pp.

The Marine Biological Association of the UK wishes to acknowledge the financial support of the Joint Nature Conservation Committe.