Marine Aliens II project

Controlling marine invasive species by targetting vectors of dispersal

Welcome to the website of the Marine Aliens consortium

Image of invasive non-native species

Invasive non-native or ’alien’ species are a global problem that present a serious threat to biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Increases in shipping, recreational boating and aquaculture activity have led to an increase in global introductions of marine aliens.

The Marine Aliens consortium is coordinating research and public engagement activities with the primary objective of protecting native biodiversity from the impacts of marine invasive non-native species that enter the UK marine environment via hull fouling and unintentional aquaculture activity. Find out more

Information is key to tackling biological invasions. Boat owners, fishers and members of the public can all help to minimize the negative impacts of invasive non-native species by being informed and reporting any sightings of the species highlighted in this site. Find out more

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