Marine Aliens II project

Controlling marine invasive species by targetting vectors of dispersal

What's new

A new Identification guide for selected non-native species

The Marine Aliens consortium has produced a 3rd edition of the waterproof identification guide to marine invasive species, aimed at marina and port operators, recreational boat owners and all those who have an interest in maintaining healthy and productive inshore waters. The 3rd edition contains a new page for the compass sea squirt (Asterocarpa humilis).


Front cover of new alien species identification guide

The guide is on sale for £3.50 a copy.

Please make cheques payable to: The Marine Biological Association, and send a stamped (51p per guide UK excluding Channel Islands), addressed envelope to:

The Marine Biological Association
Citadel Hill


For further information, please contact Guy Baker email:
Tel: 01752 633244

Download the Identification Guide for Selected Marine Non-native Species

This is a PDF file. Please check you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. [View Identification Guide 28 Mb].


Aliens II Conference

Title: Invasive Marine Aliens of Britain and Ireland
Location: Linnaean Society, London
Date: 10th Feb 2011

View the programme.

Presentations from the Symposium are available online:

Eradicating the non-native carpet sea squirt Didemnum vexillum from Holyhead harbour, North Wales. Rohan Holt, Countryside Council for Wales.

Pacific Oyster: What the walrus never knew. Dan Minchin, Marine Organism Investigations Ireland.

Engaging Schools and Communities. Guy Baker, Marine Biological Association.




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