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The Outer Bristol Channel Marine Habitat Study (2003-2006) was a multifaceted project involving the geological, biological, interpretative and educational expertise of the British Geological Survey and Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales in an area with potential marine aggregate resources.

The project outputs include:

• Scientific research report detailing the sea bed habitats and associated animal life
I The Outer Bristol Channel Marine Habitat Study by AS. Y. Mackie, J.W.C James, E.I.S. Rees,
I T. Darbyshire, S.L. Philpott, K. Mortimer, G.O. Jenkins & A. Morando, BIOM&R Reports 4:500 pp.*
• Free Interactive Project DVD-ROM
• Touring Explore the Sea Floor Exhibition
• Education & Outreach Report
• Free bilingual interactive educational Explore the Sea Floor CD-ROM
• Websites:

A Marine Outreach Officer based at the National Museum Wales provided open-access information and activities for all interested parties throughout 2005-2006. A variety of workshops for schools were tailored to the requirements of the National Curriculum.

* Available in UK for £8 (to cover postage and packing)

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