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Underwater and seashore species

Find out about the amazing plants and animals, you can find on your local shore or in the waters of Britain and Ireland. Found something interesting on the shore or in the sea? Look here to see if you can identify it from our species pages and let us know about your finds by recording them on your own personalised marine life recording page.

Marine topic notes

Marine topic notes

Download reports about important marine life topics, for use in study or for your own interest. In depth reports are fully referenced and illustrated and provide an in depth look at issues such as litter, climate change and fishing.

Recording marine Life

Join our Sealife Survey and create your own personalised marine life recording page with information about all of your sightings. If you are unsure about what you have found, take a picture and upload it through the recording web pages and we will try to help you identify and record what you have seen. Who knows, it may be a non-native species, a climate change indicator species or even something never before recorded in our waters!