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Resources for Primary school teachers

The marine environment provides excellent opportunities for building stimulating lessons, whether teaching in the classroom or out-of-classroom experiences. With a little imagination, almost all areas of the National Curriculum can be covered. The resources available here are aimed at Key Stage 2 but can easily be adapted for use in KS1 and KS3.

All MarLIN teaching resources are free to download and use.

The MarLIN team is happy to offer advice to teachers who wish to incorporate the marine environment in their lessons, or run shore visits. We also offer training courses for teachers.

Units of work

These have been developed by teachers to provide a whole terms unit of work or individual lessons.

Habitats and Adaptation

Unit of work and associated resources based around habitats and adaptation.

Life around the turbines

Lesson plans and resources exploring offshore windfarms.

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All MarLIN teaching resources are free to download and use.

Our online resources are constantly evolving and we welcome all feedback. We can also host voluntary work placements at the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth for teachers to help this process.