February 7th, 2011

Great to get out on a mid-winter rockpool ramble with the Blue Sound team and Mount Wise Primary School at Devil’s Point Beach. Not quite the same as Wembury, but lots to find, especially if you don’t mind small brown things! James and I helped Bex find some creatures before the ramble got going – some crabs, a rock goby, dog whelks and a pair of worm pipefish, the male being very pregnant. When the first half of the group arrived we had a look at what the sea had cast up among the seaweed, (why are people happy to pick flowers and run their hands through grass but go “Yuck” at touching seaweed?), and created some wonderful beach sculptures. When everyone arrived we split into 4 groups of 4 and went rambling. Photos are up on Flickr which you can see from the Blue Sound web pageWhat did we find? An unfortunate limpet that had been attacked by two dog whelks, (“It’s not fair!”), shore, edible, furrowed, porcelain (long and broad clawed) crabs, more fish (James’ team found two rocklings), a couple of small brittle starfish (which didn’t pass for “cool”), green leaf worms, spiral worm, keel worm and possible a scale worm as well as sponges, seaweeds and topshells. It was something of a surprise to find the tide was coming in, I’d no idea we’d been down there so long – it’s amazing how quickly the time passes when you’re having fun. Not being cold helps – thanks to Antarctic undies. John Hepburn

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