Blue sound training day

April 11th, 2011

On Friday (8th April), childrens play rangers, youth staff, rangers at Anthony House, National Trust and Mount Edgcumbe and The Zone who work with Blue Sound came along to Mount Edgecumbe for a training day on how to run seashore sessions. After a brief intro by Bex on what Blue Sound is, we spent the morning inside learning about Shore Thing with Fiona Crouch and Seashore Safaris, Alien Invaders and Species Fun Facts with Jack Sewell.

Then after lunch in the sun, we all headed down to the rocky shore, where Jack taught everyone how to play Limpets, Crazy Camo Crabs, the True or False game and lots of other fun stuff to do on the shore. After that we all headed into the rockpools to see what we could find and learn as much as possible about the creatures to pass onto our groups! We managed to find lots of different seaweeds and exchange some tasty receipes! We also found an edible crab growing a new leg, a turret shell, lots of holes from piddock shells, huge strawberry anenomes, baked bean sea squirts as well as lots more!

It was a gorgeous sunny day and everyone had a good time and came away with lots of games and ideas for things to do with groups on the shore and even a bit of sunburn.  :)

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