The first Blue Sound Snorkel Safari of 2011!

April 14th, 2011

A group of 20 of us ventured into the sea to see what we could find living on the reef off Kingsand. Dressed in winter wetsuits, hoods, gloves and boots with only our lips and chins exposed in was warm enough to stay in for an hour. The Blue sound web page told us it was only 10.3 degrees so the sea still hasn’t warmed much from winter but the vis was great! We managed to find a beautiful spiny starfish clinging to a rock surrounded by thong weed waving in the swell and a giant spider crab clambering through the kelp. Those of us that managed to dive down saw some wrasse, pollack and whiting too. As we made our way back to the beach for a well earned hot choc we also noticed a few oysters, huge painted top shell and a volcanoe barnacle! It was only when we got out of the water that we realised how important having a warm jaw is for talking!

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