Sea Shore Safari at Devils Point Beach

June 20th, 2011

We had a great time rock pooling at Devil’s Point Beach this weekend and even managed to stay dry! Blue Sound was joined by Plymouth’s Actionnaires club (Action for blind people) to learn about the marine life of our European Marine Site. After searching hard under all the rocks and in all the crevices we managed to find huge ediable crab, lots of green shore crabs, a goby, barnacles, limpets, star ascidians, beadlet anenomes and two huge strawberry anenomes. Everyone that come along did really well following the Sea Shore Code by putting all the rocks back the right way, keeping only one animal in a bucket at a time, putting everything back where it came from and leaving limpets and anenomes on the rocks.

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Under the Big Blue Sky

June 13th, 2011

A lovely day playing in the rock pools with the sun shining down on us at Devil’s Point Beach. Families joined us Vanni, Stepping Stones to Nature and Blue Sound to explore along the shore where we found some big strawberry anemones, beadlet anemones and a 5 bearded rockling as well as lots and lots of crabs. Savannah, Eva and Herbie were all very brave and felt the slimy seaweed and stroked the edible crabs! We all also sang to the anemones and made some beautiful Neptune Crowns.

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Blue Sound Action Group Boat Snorkel Survey

June 9th, 2011

Another amazing snorkel last night after last weeks at Stoke, Batten Bay and Devils Point. We took a dive boat out to between Penlee point and Cawsands with The Zone team. All 20 of us had a great time rolling in off the boat into the kelp forests and chasing some big old Pollack over the sand. Alot of people managed to dive down to explore and were rewarded with the sight of breadcrumb sponge and corkwing wrasse hidden in the thongweed. The barnacle and beadlet anenome covered rock also provided a useful resting place when we got exhausted.

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Snorkel Safari at Batten Bay

June 6th, 2011

The half term snorkel safari at Batten Bay was brilliant, we swam through loads of thongweed and then across a sandy seabed until we reached a rock ledge covered in massive kelp. The visibility was good and we took it in turns to duck dive (one up, one down!) to have a closer look at the seabed. Then we went further across towards Jennycliff and found another gulley and what looked like a pillar or piling sticking up to just below the water level covered in kelp and feathery hydroids. It turned out to be a buoy floating on the end of a rope. We followed the rope back and found … a shipwreck! (something big and metal anyway).
We didn’t see too many fish but Rishi found a jellyfish and Will saw something kick up the sand – probably a plaice or some other flatfish. Charlie also spotted at Spider Crab hiding in kelp.
For first time snorkelers, our group was brilliant, everyone had the basic skills really quickly and there was plenty of diving down.

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