Blue Sound Action Group Snorkel Survey of the Breakwater!

August 26th, 2011

The Blue Sound Action Group had an amazing snorkel this week. Despite the howling south westerly winds we managed to tuck in behind the breakwater and drift along the boulders in search of life amongst the forest of green red and brown seaweeds. There were plenty of dark pockets between boulders that proved ideal hiding places. Those of us that dived down to the sandy bottom were rewarded with the sight of a huge bass and a few red mullet darting away and pretty light bulb sea squirt dangling underneath the boulders. Charlie also spotted a Pollack and Martyn found a spiny starfish to show everyone. Nearer the surface there were lots of bright pink female cuckoo wrasse crusing around with their distinctive black blotches on their back and once again a huge Ballan wrasse came to join us for a while.

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