Last day as a Beach Ranger!

September 1st, 2011

Hi everyone,

Today was unfortunately the last day of the Beach Ranger activity days on the seashore. Rayna, Laura and Frank have had a wonderful 6 weeks on the beach and hope you have all enjoyed it as much as we did! The best things we saw were: a giant slippery eel as long as Frank’s arm, scale worms, children smiling and tompot blennies!

Some of the highlights included making a million gazillion kites on the last and busiest day, lots of fantastic beach sculptures (for which the winner will be announced next week) and having so many families return for more beach ranger fun, including one group who came to 8 days in a row! You know who you are….

Thanks for a lovely summer, despite the rain! Hope everyone has fun at school, haha!

FLR, The Beach Ranger Team! :)

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