Sound Suppers

March 26th, 2012

A beautiful sunny weekend at the beach learning about what seaweeds and coastal plants are good to feast on. We found lots of laver used to make the welsh bread covering the rocks growing alongside the gutweed and sea lettuce. The braver members of the group sampled the aptly named pepper dulse and black mustard. It was great to learn about how important seaweed has been for our diet historically and the nutrients you can get from them.

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Seashore Safari at Wembury

March 12th, 2012

Blue Sound ( had an awesome first rock pooling session of the season at Wembury. Thanks to the huge low tide we managed to find sea lemons, spiny starfish and even a Top Knot. There were plenty of big strawberry anemones glistening in the sun, a few shanny’s tucked away in gullies awaiting the tides return and slippery rocks covered in laver as well as all the usual suspects!

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