Blue Sound Action Group Snorkel

May 17th, 2012

We had a cold (11 degrees apparently) but beautiful snorkel at Cawsand beach. Everything seems to be coming to life; long trailing thong weed and dancing schools of sand eels were seen by everyone. A few got to see a spider crab and some bigger pollack and wrasse. Tony Blue even managed to find a snake pipefish in the shallows trying to hide against the sand!

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Sound Suppers

March 26th, 2012

A beautiful sunny weekend at the beach learning about what seaweeds and coastal plants are good to feast on. We found lots of laver used to make the welsh bread covering the rocks growing alongside the gutweed and sea lettuce. The braver members of the group sampled the aptly named pepper dulse and black mustard. It was great to learn about how important seaweed has been for our diet historically and the nutrients you can get from them.

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Seashore Safari at Wembury

March 12th, 2012

Blue Sound ( had an awesome first rock pooling session of the season at Wembury. Thanks to the huge low tide we managed to find sea lemons, spiny starfish and even a Top Knot. There were plenty of big strawberry anemones glistening in the sun, a few shanny’s tucked away in gullies awaiting the tides return and slippery rocks covered in laver as well as all the usual suspects!

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Blue Sound West Hoe Sustainable Fishing

November 17th, 2011

As the oranges, golds and yellows left the trees and Noah tied up at the Mayflower steps to let the animals off two by two the likely lads (and lasses) walked down to a dry but dark West Hoe.

A while after arrival everyone set up and wetting a line on a
sliding lead with worm or mackeral as bait a shout of ‘got one’ zoomed around the darkness. Whiting, sea scorpion and other fish were caught and released.

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October 11th, 2011

An amazing weekend at Mount Edgcumbe searching for all signs of life, in the sea and on land. We found over 800 species and got some amazing photos from our night Sea Shore Safari, Blue Sound Action Group snorkel and young people diving with YEDI. Thank you to everyone that came along to help. Check out the photos at via the link to flickr.

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Mount Edgcumbe Exploration

September 15th, 2011

In preparation for Bioblitz on Friday the 30th September and Saturday 1st October a small team from the Blue Sound Action Group went to see what we could find at Mount Edgcumbe. The plan for the Bioblitz is to try and find as many living plants and animals on land and sea. Last year we found 1000 and this year we want to try and find more! Last night we found lots of shells of flat perwinkles, limpets and topshells in the strandline. We collected a lot of rubbish from the shore but no matter how hard we looked couldn’t find any ray egg cases or chestnuts that were big enough to roast on the fire! Let’s hope we have more luck for Bioblitz!

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Last day as a Beach Ranger!

September 1st, 2011

Hi everyone,

Today was unfortunately the last day of the Beach Ranger activity days on the seashore. Rayna, Laura and Frank have had a wonderful 6 weeks on the beach and hope you have all enjoyed it as much as we did! The best things we saw were: a giant slippery eel as long as Frank’s arm, scale worms, children smiling and tompot blennies!

Some of the highlights included making a million gazillion kites on the last and busiest day, lots of fantastic beach sculptures (for which the winner will be announced next week) and having so many families return for more beach ranger fun, including one group who came to 8 days in a row! You know who you are….

Thanks for a lovely summer, despite the rain! Hope everyone has fun at school, haha!

FLR, The Beach Ranger Team! :)

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Blue Sound Action Group Snorkel Survey of the Breakwater!

August 26th, 2011

The Blue Sound Action Group had an amazing snorkel this week. Despite the howling south westerly winds we managed to tuck in behind the breakwater and drift along the boulders in search of life amongst the forest of green red and brown seaweeds. There were plenty of dark pockets between boulders that proved ideal hiding places. Those of us that dived down to the sandy bottom were rewarded with the sight of a huge bass and a few red mullet darting away and pretty light bulb sea squirt dangling underneath the boulders. Charlie also spotted a Pollack and Martyn found a spiny starfish to show everyone. Nearer the surface there were lots of bright pink female cuckoo wrasse crusing around with their distinctive black blotches on their back and once again a huge Ballan wrasse came to join us for a while.

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Blue Sound at Wembury with Under the Big Blue Sky

August 15th, 2011

A lovely day looking in the rockpools today at low tide. Rohan and Sky managed to find a tompot blenny, compass jellyfish and a beautiful snakelocks anemone. Becky discovered hundreds of beadlet anemones and recognised some of seaweeds we ate before including sugar kelp, sea lettuce and thong weed! We also watched the cushion starfish turnover in our bucket using its suckie feet!

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Beach Rangers

August 10th, 2011

Hi guys,

The beach rangers have had a fantastic few weeks at the beach and only one day of rain! The first week we made shoreline collages, painted rocks, made sand sculptures, went delving in the mud for eels, sticklebacks and clams and got a lot of kids muddy!

Last week we made tons of beach jewellery, went rock pooling at Devil’s Point and Batten Bay (in the rain!), made beach sculptures and taught a lot of kids about things that you can find in the strandline! We also supported National Play Day at West Hoe Park talking to lots of lovely people and getting more support for the blue sound project.

This week is Beach Olympics to celebrate it being only one year to London 2012!

See you all at the beach! Laura & the Beach Ranger Team :)

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