Black-faced blennies

July 23rd, 2008

Several Black-faced blennies have been found in Dorset and the Nudibranch, Favorinus blianus, was sighted during a dive on Scylla.

The Black-faced blenny, Tripterygion delaisi, is fairly uncommon having been recorded in only three locations on the south coast of Britain. It can reach 9 cm long. Its colouring varies. Both males and females are grey-brown in colour with vertical dark bars. However, in mating season, the males have bright yellow bodies with blue-edged fins and a black head. Males court the females by swimming in a figure of eight.

Photo: Steve Trewhella

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Favorinus blianus reaches 30mm long and has a very pale yellow body. It feeds on the hydroids, Tubularia, and on opisthobranch eggs.

Photo: Douglas Herdson

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