Increased portuguese man o’war sightings

August 30th, 2008

There have been increased reports of Physalia physalis sightings over June, July and August. Physalia physalis or the Portuguese man o’war consists of a large gas-filled float (pheumatophore) which reaches 300mm in length and 100mm in width. Physalia physalis is light blue/purple in colour and has a bright pink crest running along the top of the float or pheumatophore that acts as a sail. Physalia physalis has polyps under the pheumatophore for feeding, defence and reproduction that are several metres in length. Physalia physalis are carnivorous and feed on small crustaceans and larval fish primarily. They do this by delivering an immobilising sting to their prey with tentacles covered in nematocysts or stinging cells. The sting of Physalia physalis is potent, even after death.

Photo: Steve Trewhella

There have also been reports of sightings of Pelgia noctiluca and Buoy Barnacles in Dorset.

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