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MarLIN provides a variety of search tools to aid you in finding specific data, please choose an appropriate option from the list below or in the side bar.

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This search uses free text to search the entire MarLIN Website. You can use AND or OR between words and quotation marks to refine your search.

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Search for 'Important' species

Search for species, currently on-line, that are listed under national legislation, European Directives or International conventions. Further information on instruments of marine life protection can be found here.


Search for 'Important' biotopes

Search for biotopes, currently on-line, that are included within the interest features of Annex I habitats of the Habitats Directive, or are likely to occur within habitats listed under legislation or conventions. Further information on the legislation, directives and conventions listed below can be found here.


Search for Annex I Habitats

The Annex I habitats of the Habitats Directive are listed in the pull down box below. Select an Annex I habitat to produce a list of the biotopes likely to occur within the chosen habitat. The list is based on Brazier & Connor (1999) and uses the 1997 version of the MNCR biotope classification (Connor et al., 1997a,b).

The biotopes that are on-line are marked 'see review'. Click on the biotope code or link to read the information review.