Recording Marine Life

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Paul Madgett's records

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Species
Millions, even billions possibly 2009-05-22 Gunwalloe
Church Cove, Gunwalloe, Lizard; and Poldhu Cove, Mullion, Lizard. Both small sandy coves between rocky cliffs.
Dense masses stranded on foreshore, in irregular lines, both at Poldhu Cove and at Church Cove, Gunwalloe. More coming in with tide / small waves, looking like an oil-slick. Deep blue colour, fresh-looking - though strong \\\"fishy\\\" smell indicating rapid decay setting in. Gulls feeding voraciously on them at water\\\'s edge. Mostly tiny individuals, a few mms long, but a very few larger specimens up to about 5cms. Sails of all larger specimens we noted were set at \\\"NE-SW\\\" direction, looking from above. None noted at Kennack Sands later same day, on east side of Lizard. Velella velella