Recording Marine Life

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Chris McCullough's records

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Species
2 2009-09-24 Plymouth Hoe
In approximately 6m of water (at high spring tide) and roughly 20m off of the rocky shore between the two sets of dis-used steps west of the Lido and diving boards of Plymouth Hoe.
2 Hippolyte varians (1x3-5mm, 1x8-10mm) hiding on a small piece of Ulva lactuca approximately the size of a 5p coin. This was situated on open gravel sediment next to (1-2cm away) a tube worm burrow. Hippolyte varians
1 2009-09-23 Plymouth Hoe
Amongst rocks and weed in 5m of water 15m off of the rocky shore between two sets of dis-used steps at Plymouth Hoe.
Hiding in the middle to top of a stand of Himanthalia elongata. Individual had a strong kink, deformity in the tail behind the dorsal and anal fin. Curiously, it appeared to use this to hook onto the weed and hold position. Spinachia spinachia