Recording Marine Life

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Pete Callaghan's records

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Species
1 2010-01-17 Dawlish Warren Beach
Dawlish Warren Beach
This is not an \"Abra Alba\" but I had to enter a species name. In fact I have no idea what this creature (or part of a creature) is. See It is a segmented exoskeleton with 5 articulated segments, about 8cm long and roughly elipsoid with a broad central ridge running back to front. The head appears to be missing. On the underside are 8 pairs (4 on pairs each side) of \\\'legs\\\'. Each leg pair comprises a curved single limb with no joints that curves all the way to the back of the shell, along with an inner jointed leg that connects the other leg at 90 degrees. Please let me know what it is! Abra alba