Recording Marine Life

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David Beckinsale's records

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Species
P 2002-07-12
Falmouth harbour, Carrick Rock by the Myler Yacht harbour.
Eight-ten Observed from distance under sail. School last observed heading S to Carrick Road. Tursiops truncatus
P 2001-06-08
First spotted just off Penarrow Point, Mylor Churchtown, Cornwall.
Five-ten spotted, about 500m away, breaching & swimming alongside small yacht under motor whilst heading away from Mylor.Entire school came to boat and followed from Penarrow Point to the water stir area at Carclase Point, on the other side of the Carrick Roads Tursiops truncatus
1 2002-06-25 Old Wall
0.4 nautical miles NNE "Old Wall" (1 nautical mile SSE St. Anthony Light House), Falmouth Bay.
1sr seen 50 m ahead swimming in circle, dived out of sight and must have passed under boat. Next seen 100m astern, again swimming in a circle. Seemed to be moving NE. Phocoena phocoena
P 2001-08-10 Helston
By Helston special mark in Falmouth Bay. (13.10 hrs)
Briefly spotted 2 or 3 swiming N by E at around 4kt. Distance from boat around 75m Phocoena phocoena
P 2002-06-22 August rock
Near August rock 1/2 Mile off Rosemillion Head, Falmouth Bay
Spotted bowriding about 200yds away. 2 groups of about 4. One group followed boat to Pendennis point, stayed for 10 minutes, other group followed motor vessel. Tursiops truncatus
P 2002-05-16 Pennarow Point
Pennarow Point, Mylor Church
Five-eight spotted off entrance to Mylor Yacht Harbour milling and then bow riding small boat. Accompanied by gulls at first. Seen from 17.00 - 17.50 when they swam towards Falmouth. A number of boats and ferries stopped to look. Tursiops truncatus