Recording Marine Life

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Derek Clifton's records

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Species
1 2003-05-10 Teign Estuary
North side 100m above Shaldon Bridge nr Teignmouth, Devon
Male, 3cm long, mud bottom with patches of weed. Low water. Mediterranean species rarely occuring in Britain. Probably 2nd Bristish record. Pachygrapsus marmoratus
1 1998-11-17 Teign Estuary
About 2km east of Teignmouth.
Female, 0.1kg. Pale olive topside, ivory underside, 'hairy' tufts under each pincer. Carapace width 6cm, length 5.4cm. Right Chela 3.5cm, left chela 3.5cm. Eriocheir sinensis