Recording Marine Life

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Sam Parr's records

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Species
2 2004-05-23
Thurlestone beach
Feeding on seaweed Aplysia punctata
1 2004-05-23
Thurlestone beach
Very large, under the rock arch at Thurlestone amonst weed Maja squinado
6 2005-05-31
Portscatho beach
In small rockpool near village Aulactinia verrucosa
10 2005-05-31
Portscatho beach
In rockpools Aplysia punctata
P 2005-05-31
Portscatho beach
Lots seen in all pools Actinia equina
15 2005-05-31
Portscatho beach
Various sizes seen Carcinus maenas
1 2005-05-30
Portscatho - seaward side of village
No further information Aeolidia papillosa
2 2005-08-28
Old Harry's Rock, Studland, Dorset
Amongst rocks at shallow depth near stack arch Anemonia viridis
Many 2005-08-28
Old Harry's Rock, Studland, Dorset
Near Old Harrys rock in shallow water Sargassum muticum