Recording Marine Life

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Pete Wilkinson's records

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Species
11 2004-07-07 Lleyn Peninsula
Between Porth Widlin and Maenmellt. Lleyn Peninsula, N. Wales.
groups of three, breaking surface, 2 adults with juvenile mulling about / feeding Phocoena phocoena
4 2004-07-15 Penrhyn Mawr
Bewteen Maenmellt and Porth Iago. 1600 Hrs (Penrhyn Mawr)
3 adult 1 juvenile. came along side boat (almost leapt over it. Traveling south on ebb tide Tursiops truncatus
1 2004-07-28 Porth Ysgarden
Off Porth Ysgarden, Tudweiliog
1 mile offshore. amongst large number of Lions Mane jellyfish or Cyanea lamarckii ? Chrysaora hysoscella
P 2004-07-02 Maenmelt
Maen mellt,
Rock face/ boulders at 17-22 m Hundreds, numerous groupings Parazoanthus anguicomus
P 2004-10-10 Penllech Beach
North end Penllech Beach
1000's seen on strandline (S.W. facing) Velella velella