Recording Marine Life

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Jon Moore's records

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Species
A 2003-06-11
50m SE of Mumbles Pier Linear stiff clay, slope rising steeply from 2.1m to 0.1m bcd.
Burrows were mainly present in the lower half of slope and averaged 1-2 per 0.1m2. Length of linear slope feature was at least 15 and it continued parallel to shore in both directions. One piddock specimen (14 cm shell length) was dug out of clay to check identification. Photographs of the specimen were sent to mollusc experts at National Museum of Wales, who confirmed that it is Pholas dactylus. Pholas dactylus
10 2009-09-08 Sandford Bay
Sandford Bay, south of Peterhead. Piles of stranded kelp at south end of beach.
H.pellucidum var. laevis (up to 1 inch across) embedded in broken ends of Laminaria hyperborea stipes stranded on beach. Approx 10 indiividuals seen in stipes sticking out of the pile and many other stipes showed evidence of grazed craters; so presumably there were hundreds more present under the massive pile of kelp. Photos available. Specimens collected. Patella pellucida