Recording Marine Life

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Mark Beaman's records

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Species
1 2003-06-22
Browns Bay at about 6 metres depth
Nesting in rocks at about 6 metres depth. Cyclopterus lumpus
1 2004-05-16
Browns Bay, just north of Cullercoats Harbour
Close to the shore in approximately 6 metres Cyclopterus lumpus
1 2004-05-31
Browns Bay, north of Cullercoats harbour
Approximately 200 metres from the (male) lumpsucker seen on 16.05.2004. This female lumpsucker was in about 7 metres lying in a opening of a rock overhang. Cyclopterus lumpus
2 2004-06-05
Browns Bay, just north of Cullercoats Harbour, North Tyneside
First female lumpsucker seen in 3.5 metres amongst the wreck of the Butetown. The second female lumpsucker was on the other side of the reef at about 7 metres, approximately 50 metres away from the wreck. Cyclopterus lumpus
2 2004-06-12 Browns Bay
Browns Bay. Just north of Cullercoats Harbour, Tyne & Wear
1 female in about 9 metres and 1 male in about 2 metres and a very short distance from the mainland. Both in rock crevices Cyclopterus lumpus