Recording Marine Life

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Records of Amphipholis squamata

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
1 2003-06-25
Trevon / Newstrain Beach - flat slate rock outcrop
Seen under a rock. St Issey School Group
under most rocks 2004-02-20
Batten Bay, Plymouth, Rocky shore, boulders and Mudddy/gravel sediment in patches.
Under most rocks Jack Sewell
5 2004-05-06
Batten Bay, Mountbatten nr Plymouth
Disc less than 0.5cm (approx) West Park Primary
P 2005-04-09
Langerstone Point
Several 2cm Katherine Hill
P 2005-05-27 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Loads seen, underside and under rocks, lower shore oftern with $Porcellana platycheles$ Sonia Rowley
Present 2006-03-01
Intertidal below Hen Cliff, Kimmeridge
Steve Trewhella
20 2006-04-17
Aberavon Beach. Port Talbot. South Wales
Half buried in wet sand. Joan Lewis - Davis
present 2006-09-24
baiter beach poole harbour
Under stones Steve Trewhella
1 2006-11-16
baitor beach poole
under rock Steve Trewhella
portland harbour
Steve Trewhella
present 2007-05-17
hen cliff kimmeridge
Steve Trewhella
2 2009-05-30 West Runton Beach
Littoral zone
Under rocks in rock pools. Photograph uploaded. Jeff Blincow
1 26/06/2011 Hope Gap, Sussex
Chalk platform with seaweed covering
Understone Nigel Sawyer
6 10/07/2011 Hope Gap, Susex
Chalk platform with channels, flints and a seaweed covering (Pepper Dulse being dominant)
One on open water on lower shore but others all under stones including group of 3 Nigel Sawyer
3 22/07/2011 Hope Gap Sussex
Chalk platform. 1m low tide and investigated area straight in front of the steps. Many cobbles and stones in the gulleys which were turned and looked at. A bootlace worm, encrusting bryozoan, a couple of unidentitied (and not photographed) chitons also seen - had to escape the rising tide)
Under stone near low tide mark Nigel Sawyer
1 06/08/2011 Hope Gap, Sussex
Chalk platform at low tide (1.2m) Several unidentified seaweeds seen and two scale worms (?Harmothoe impar). ALso Halurus equisetifolius which does not appear in the list
Seen under stone Nigel Sawyer
1 28/09/2011 Eastbourne
Chalk platform in the east and sandy areas at low tide with soft rock and rock pools.
Found under stone Nigel Sawyer
2 10/03/2012 Downend, Croyde
Diagonal cross-cutting rocky shore gulley and adjacent shore platform at low water
On Corallina tuft viewed under microscope Paula Ferris