Recording Marine Life

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Records of Anemonia viridis

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
100+ 2003-03-31 Selsey
Sandstone/clay wall that runs along on the West side just beyond Selsey Lifeboat Station.
Many just off the beach in the sand/rock area. Spread throughout the area. Paul Parsons
2 2003-04-06 Selsey
Clay/sandstone wall just to the left os Selsey Lifeboat station, West Sussex.
Always dozens Paul Parsons
5 2002-07-21 Manobier
Manobier, Pembrokeshire
Small. Low shoreline in rocks. Brownish in colour. Bethan Lewis
P 2003-05-26 Firestone Bay
Firestone Bay, Plymouth, Devon
30-50 attached to rocks and cable. John Bleach
1000 2003-03-23 Wreck of Louis Sheid
Thurlestone, Devon.
Attached to small rocks and boulders. John Bleach
P 2003-03-13 Asia Shoal
Drakes Island, Plymouth Sound, Devon
Attached to small rocks 10-15 seen. John Bleach
15 2003-02-05 Wreck of Coronation
Penlee Point, Plymouth Sound
Attached to boulders. John Bleach
C 2003-05-17
Firestone Bay, Plymouth
Common in rockpools. Seashore Safari
Chesil Cove Dorset. Portland side, underhill.
Spread over wide area in rocky environment. Out in the open aswell as concealed. Approx 7cm +. Ryan Stalker
P 2003-06-25
Trevone/Newstrain Beach - flat slate rock outcrop
2-3 per rock pool, in lower shore rockpools. St Issey School Group
6 2003-07-11
Constantine Bay - rocky shore with sandy inlets & gullies
In rockpools.
O 2003-11-25
The Middlestone at Goodrington Sands, Torbay
Occassional Nigel Smallbones
100+ 2004-03-28
Sandstone wall and ridges.West side of Selsey Lifeboat Station, West Sussex.
Every where around the seabed. Mostly pale green with purple tips. Many are accompanied by sponge covered spider crabs. Paul Parsons
2 juvenile specimens were observed in small rock pool. Other individuals were larger and found scattered around numerous rock pools and under rocks. One or two appeared to be sligtly exposed.
P 2001-09-16
Shankill Beach between Bray and Killiney, County Dublin Ireland.
16, 8, 343 random counts using 50cm x 50cm quadrat. Green and brown anemones found, green more common. Tim Clabon
1 2000-08-31
Kingston Beach, Shoreham by Sea
Unusual at this location Andy Horton
8, 2 , 4
Grouped near the bottom of the cliff on a low chalk rock, in a slight current.
2 2002-05-11
Batten Bay, nr Plymouth
Found in upper shore rock pool. BTCV/ MilleniumVolunteers
1 2001-02-24
West side of Pendennis Headland, Cornwall
The anemone was in about 0.5m of water near the point of entry for the divers. Tentacles were fully extended. The water temperature was about 10 degrees Celcius. David Ball
Numerous 2002-06-19
Jennycliff Bay, nr Plymouth
Seen in rock pools Ali Hood
1 2000-08-01
Kingston Beach Shoreham by Sea
No information entered Andy Horton
2 2002-08-21
Rock Islands at Elmer, Middleton-on-Sea, West Sussex
2 green snakelocks in small rock pools with juvenile fish, prawns, crabs etc. Sighted during rock pooling guided walk. Julie Hatcher
1 2001-09-11
Lee Bay, Bristol Channel
Small anemone seen in very accessible rock pool Samuel Parr
20+ 2001-10-28
Swanage Pier
Attached to small rocks Jessica Regan
P 2001-10-28
Swanage Pier
>3m/2 Simon Brown
O 2004-04-07
Helford passage + Bar beach, Helford River, Cornwall.
Rockpools and lower shore Ruth Williams
P 2004-05-06
Batten Bay, Mountbatten nr Plymouth
Found in rockpools on lower shore. West Park Primary
P 2004-04-06
Wembury VMCA
Cat Ridout
1 2004-04-18
Lampay Island reef, Isle of Skye
On large boulder in vicinity of rock wall at approx 18m Alison Fish
10 2004-06-17 Mother Iveys Bay
20 metres off Mother Iveys Bay, Cornwall. Two Basking Sharks patrolling the Bay
In sandy bottomed rockpools Alex Parr
2 2004-07-05 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Nr Plymouth.
in rockpools Seashore Safari
40 2004-06-01 Widmouth Head
Near Widmouth Head, Devon. Small rock beach adjacent to sandy/muddy harbour/rhia
In pools/in crevice Barbara Haddrill
50 2004-07-03 Coombe Martin Bay
Coombe Martin Bay, Devon. Rocky platform adjacent to muddy/sandy/shingly beach. Large man made pools at top of beach.
In pools Barbara Haddrill
5 2004-06-18 Croyde Beach
Croyde Beach, west facing rocky platforms north of sandy bay. Midshore area, rock rocks with frequent pools, shallow and deep. Sunny & cloudy, strong breeze site 2
In pool David Butt (Brauton School)
C 2004-08-03 Snapes Point
Snapes Point - sheltered shore
Common littoral fringe Nigel Mortimer
P 2004-08-01 Overton
Overton, Gower Peninsula south Wales
2 clumps on rocks at 6 m below surface Malcolm Wilkins
C 2004-08-19 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, near Mountbatten
Common Seashore Safari
P 2000-07-08 Porthkerris
Polkerris, Cornwall
A few seen Terry Middleton
F 2002-09-07 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Mount Batten, Plymouth Sound
Frequent, seen during Seashore Safari in rockpools and on rocks Liz Barton
Abundant 2002-06-28
Rocky shore, Cardigan Bay, west Wales.
Seen in a number of rock pools on a falling tide, sometimes one alone abut a number were seen side by side. Mrs L.M. Hicks
3 2002-07-21 Ravenspoint bay
Ravenspoint bay, Holy Island, Anglesey
Several seen during dive over a wide area. All isolated individuals. Very poor visibility so they may be more common here than appeared. Ken Byrne
ca 20 2001-08-22 Church Reef
Church Reef, Wembury, Devon
No information entered Will Rayment
10 2003-02-23 Bantham Beach
Bantham Beach - rocks at eastern end
Several small anemones in shallow pools Alex Parr
8, 2 , 4
Grouped near the bottom of the cliff on a low chalk rock, in a slight current.
A 2002-03-28
Batten Bay, nr Plymouth
Abundant variable sizes some up to 14cm in diameter Caroline Farrell
4 2002-05-11
Batten Bay, nr Plymouth
Found in mid-shore rock pool BTCV/ MilleniumVolunteers
Numerous 2002-06-19
Jennycliff Bay, nr Plymouth
Seen in rock pools Ali Hood
P 2000-07-08
Hole in the wall, Falmouth, Cornwall.
Terry Middleton
P 2001-09-30 Swanage Pier
Swanage Pier
4-5 per m found in some areas at this abundance. Attached to rocks, old girder and discarded tyre. Simon Brown
A 2001-06-23 Abereiddi Bay
Abereiddi Bay, Pembrokeshire
Abundant, healthy looking individuals with a range of colour variations Ali Champion
P 2000-08-22 St Brides Bay
West Wales, Pembrokeshire, St Brides Bay
Whilst snorkelling I saw plenty of snakeslocks anemones. Jon Hudson
1 2004-09-01 Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove, Portland, Dorset
Trish Carter
P 2004-09-04 Blackstone Rocks
Wembury, blackstone rocks
lots open rockpools Jon Parr
5 2004-08-29 Eilan Creagach
Eilan Creagach Loch Shuna. Firth of Lorn
On boulders at c. 5m depth. Grey variety. Keith Hiscock
2 2004-08-29 Sgeir na Caillich
Sgeir na Caillich (Witches Isle) Loch Melfort. Firth of Lorn
Shallow water. Grey variety. Keith Hiscock
P 2004-09-18 Batten Bay
Batten bay, Plymouth
More than ten counted Marina Marltby
7 2004-12-27
long sandy beach with rocks on either side
Found in shallow rockpools, surronded by rocks and weed Charlie Smith
P 2004-01-31 Wembury beach
Wembury beach, rocks
Found in large numbers in most rockpools. Mid to low water. Jack Sewell
P 2005-03-02 Lynmouth foreshore
Lynmouth foreshore west
Some seen in a rock pool Harwell School
P 2005-04-09
Langerstone Point
A few seen Katherine Hill
P 2002-05-23 Borve Point
Borve Point - Barra, Outer Hebrides. Exposed rocky shore
Common in rock pools/crevices (photo taken, green variety) Elvira Poloczanska
C 2002-05-23
Orosary, Barra, Outer Hebrides. Sheltered rocky shore
Locally common in rockpools Elvira Poloczanska
R 2002-05-24 Rubha Aird a' Mhuile
Rubha Aird a' Mhuile, South Uist, Outer Hebrides. Exposed rocky shore
Rare in crevice (1 in 10 minutes) Elvira Poloczanska
R 2002-05-25 Aird an Runair
Aird an Runair, North Uist, Outer Hebrides. Exposed rocky shore
Rare in crevice (2 in 15 minutes) Elvira Poloczanska
C 26/05/2002 Huisnis Bay
Huisnis Bay, Harris, Outer Hebrides. Exposed rocky shore
Common brown variety, in rockpools, photos available Elvira Poloczanska
P 2005-04-09 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Seen in rockpools Seashore Safari
5 2005-06-05
Goodrington Sands on shore in front of Seashore Centre
In pools Judith Oakley
A 2005-06-07 Higher Town Bay
Higher Town Bay, St Martins, Isles of Scilly
Several hundred Attached to seagrass. Dan Lear
10 2005-06-22 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Lower tidal zone, on rock amongst lots of seaweed Tom Reynolds
2 2005-06-22 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Luke Tayler
19 2005-06-22 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth Sound
Inigo Urrutia
1 2005-06-27
Saltdean, east of Brighton, East Sussex
Relatively small (ca. 5 cm). Kate Cole
1 2005-07-06 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks - Wembury Beach
column approx 4 cm diameter, attached to side of rock, low shore rockpool Cat Ridout
P 2005-06-25
Portwrinkle, Whitsand Bay
Seen in rockpools Judith Oakley
P 2005-05-24 Mothecombe Beach
Mothecombe Beach near Erme Estuary, South Devon
Seen by group 9 (years 3 & 6) Holbeton School
P 2005-05-24 Mothecombe Beach
Mothecombe Beach near Erme Estuary, South Devon
Seen by group 7, years 4-6, Elizabeth Bone, Lily Battershil, Rosalind Brown, Dolores and Emily Steer Holbeton School
P 2005-05-24 Mothecombe Beach
Mothecombe Beach near Erme Estuary, South Devon
Seen by group 4, years 3 & 6, Sam Perrin, Charlie O'Neil, Joe McArdle, Paddy, George Gask and William Speed Holbeton School
P 2005-05-24 Mothecombe Beach
Mothecombe Beach near Erme Estuary, South Devon
Seen by group 3, year 3 Holbeton School
3 2005-07-19 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks Wembury Beach
brown variant, all approx 70mm including tentacles Cat Ridout
8 2005-08-20 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach, Plymouth
Mid tide gully and low tide rockpools Cat Ridout
8 2005-08-17
Ardtoe beach, Ardnamurchan
Crowed in limited rockpool in the intertidal Jon Parr
2 2005-08-28
Old Harry's Rock, Studland, Dorset
Amongst rocks at shallow depth near stack arch Sam Parr
1 2005-10-11
Lynmouth east
in pools mill lane
1 2005-10-13
Lynmouth foreshore
On rock mill lane
abundant 2005-09-13 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, Plymouth
In pools Judith Oakley
Lots 2005-11-08
Lynmouth beach, East of rivermouth
In the rockpools Caroline Farrell
3 2005-12-01 Lynmouth foreshore
Lynmouth fore shore.
New Marstom
Present 2006-01-11
Lynmouth Beach
Lots seen everywhere Shellingford Ducklington
Present 2006-03-01
Intertidal below Hen Cliff, Kimmeridge
Steve Trewhella
3 2006-06-27
Jennycliff Beach, PLymouth
On side of rocks in rockpools
In rockpool
1 2006-06-27
Jennycliff Beach, Plymouth
In rockpool Yealmpton Primary School
2 2006-06-27
Jennycliff Beach, PLymouth
West Park Primary School
5 2006-06-13 Batten Bay
Batten Bay, PLymouth
Judith Oakley
100 0000-00-00 Lee Bay
Lee Bay, North Devon
lots 2006-00-00
Off Salcombe, South Devon
Trish Carter
40+ 2006-05-26 Blackstone Reef
Blackstone Reef
0.5 - 5cm diameter Cat Ridout
40 2006-06-05
In pools
15 2006-06-15 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstine Rocks
Cat Ridout
1-5cm diameter. pools from mid to low shore.
Out of the water on rocks but mostly in the shade
Large rockpool at lower shore, mainly brown but some with green colouring. Largest approx. 15cm across with tentacles out
2 2006-04-29 South coast of Lindisfarne near the harbour.
Cat Ridout
common 2006-09-11
Poole harbour
Steve Trewhella
20 2006-08-30 Blackstone Rocks
Wembury Devon, rocky shoreline
Rockpools George Hosegood
present 2006-09-24
baiter beach poole harbour
Steve Trewhella
1 2006-12-23
Jennycliff bay, Plymouth
Only one large specimen Bryan Cummings
15 2007-03-16 Lee Bay
Lee Bay, near Ilfracombe, North devon
Rockpools Caroline Roberts
Frequent 2007-04-03
Mount Batten Beach
Seen in rockpools on the lower shore Milly Hatton-Brown
Common 2007-05-01 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
on rocks in the middle shore
Occassional 2007-05-03 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
Common 2007-05-15 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
Occassional 2007-05-15 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
15 2006-06-17
Cellars beach, yealm estuary, devon
in pools to east of beach Jon Parr
30 individuals 2007-06-17 Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove, Dorset
Polly Whyte
3 2007-07-14
Jayne Evans
Rare - 1 found during time search 2007-07-20
Branscombe beach
found in a rock pool on surface of a loose rock Milly Hatton-Brown
peveril point swanage dorset
Steve Trewhella
abundant 2007-09-02
Wembury Point
Groups of small (<1 cm) mysid? shrimps close by tentacles of some anemones. Guy Baker
50 2007-10-10 Barricane and Coombesgate
Barricane and Coombesgate, Woolacombe
Mid shore rock pools across whole area Paula Ferris
frequent 2007-10-26 Oxwich Point
Oxwich Point, Gower - 3/4 of way along from beach
in pools - all grey variety Judith Oakley
1 found on the side of a rockpool 2008-01-12
Mount Batten, Plymouth
Seashore Safari
Not Found 2008-04-18
Mount Batten N50:21:25 W4:07:40
Rockpools Seashore Safari
15 2008-06-07 Looe
South East Cornwall, Looe, Mid-shore in rockpool.
Scattered aroung a large rockpool, size ranging from 2cm in diameter to 15cm in diameter. Amelia Bridges
Present 2008-06-06
Batten Bay, Mount Batten, Plymouth
Seashore Safari
common 2008-06-11
Studland bay, dorset
on eel grass blades Steve Trewhella
6 2008-06-08 Dog beach
Rocky shore, south east coast of cornwall. Dog beach, Looe.
All attached to various rocks at low tide in rockpools. Low-shore. Amelia Bridges
Abundant (30) 2008-06-21 South East Cornwall
South East Cornwall, rocky shore.
All in rockpools at low tide attached to rocks. Lower shore. Amelia Bridges
50+ 2008-06-30 Hannafore beach
South West coast of England, south East Cornwall. Hannafore beach, Looe.
All found in rockpools attached to various different types of rocks. Varying from 2cm in lenghth to 10cm. Exposed rocky shore. Ranging from mid to lower shore. Amelia Bridges
50+ 2008-07-01 Hannafore beach
South West coast of England. south east cornwall, hannafore beach, Looe.
Al attached to rocks in rockpools from lower to mid-shore. Varying in size from 3cm to 10cm. Exposed rocky shore. Amelia Bridges
common 2008-09-29
East Beach, Selsey Bill, West Sussex. Adjacent to wooden launching ramp
vivid green tentacles with purple tips. average size 8cm james lucey
10 2008-07-25
Mothecombe Beach, South Devon
Jon Parr
5 2008-08-03
St Georges Island/Looe Island. Looe. Cornwall. South West England.
All extremely light colours. More yellow and light pink than green and dark purple. In a little flowing channel of water leading all the way down the beach. Lower shore. Sheltered shore. Amelia Bridges
rare 2008-07-30
Porth Hellick, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
Rock pool Larissa Paver
frequent 2008-07-30
Porth Hellick rocky shore, St Mary's Isles of Scilly
rock pools Larissa Paver
1 2008-08-21
calshot spit, south coast, sandy seabed with coarse shingle beech
found at bottom of a slipway in sandy graval Ryan Tarr
11 (4 green ones) 2008-09-07
Mannorbier beach, Wales
Large, abundant from mid-high shore to low shore. Total anemones from 4 rock pools. Laura Sheard
occasional 2008-09-19
e.g. South coast of Lindisfarne, near the harbour.
Larissa Paver
occasional 2008-09-27
On rocks at eastern end of Porthmeor beach
In rock pools of lower & middle shore Larissa Paver
2008-09-27 Porthmenor Beach
Eastern end of Porthmenor beach, St Ives, Cornwall
Occasional. Rockpools Larissa Paver
4 2009-04-07 Blackstone Rocks
Cat Ridout
3 2009-04-11 Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
Cat Ridout
50 2009-05-10 Easdale, Argyll
In intertidal pools (2)
Around 40 of the green variety in one pool and around 10 grey-brown variety in another pool Robin Harvey
Abundant 2009-05-12 Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
Cat Ridout
Abundant 2009-05-24 Blackstone Rocks, Wembury
Cat Ridout
Lots 2009-05-23 Zetland Pier
Small pier and surrounding shore diving area. Rocky/sandy bottom which has about 7m of water at high tide and 2m at low.
Rocky walls and on kelp. Joe Bater
About 10, very local in distribution 2009-08-22 Hastings
Shallow well lit rockpools at upper high tide mark at Rock-a-nore / Hastings.
In well lit shallow (10cm depth) high tide mark rockpools - unusual find for Hastings - never observed before - very far east along The Channel coastline for the Snakelock's Anemones - escapees from The Blue Reef Aquarium centre nerby? Mike Guye
Rare 2009-09-07 Mousehole, Cornwall
Rock platform just east of village, below \\\'bathing\\\' pool set into the rocks.
In rockpool Larissa Paver
30 2009-10-04 Hastings
Rock platform exposed as tide goes out to east of Rock-A-Nore parade.
30 individuals seen in four clumps although all within the same area. In swallow rock pools midshore. Two individuals also seen in late July (reported to Bryony Chapman who confirmed ID from photograph). Nigel Sawyer
10 2010-03-02 Greencliff, near Westward Ho
Semi exposed rocky shore, facing north west, wave cut platform with gullies, some sand at low water
mid shore, brown and green Paula Ferris
3 2010-03-16 Hartland Quay
Rocky shore below the former quay, wave cut platform of differentially eroded sandstone & slate beds alongside sandy bay
Few in rock-pools Paula Ferris
20 2010-06-19 Bexhill on Sea
On the shore at low tide
About the size of a dinner plate -peachy coloured -looked like an up-turned mop head! Tubular tentacles jelly like - greyish core -photograph available - washed up onto the sand on the shore Gillian Heseltine
10 2010-08-08 Hope Gap Sussex
Chalk platform near Seven Sisters/ Cuckmere
Appeared to be in crevices and small patches of two -five. Lower down on the shore. There were probably many more but only about 15 mins was spent looking Nigel Sawyer
15 2010-09-09 Westward Ho!
Semi-exposed shore, rocky shore at end sandy beach, rock platform cut by gullies and pools, sand at low tide
Present but not common, both with/out algae Paula Ferris
15 2010-10-06 Plimont, Guernsey
Semi enclosed bay, sand with outcrops of rock perpemdicular to low water mark. Associated with the outcrops are motile stones and pools. (many alga species in rock pools dieing back)
In rock pools, attached to rock and algae. Tabitha Pearman
70 2011-01-20 Portreath harbour entrance
A narrow North Cornwall coast harbour. Very exposed. Some sand/mud, some loose rocks.Mostly hard rock.
Some to the rockpools were solid with specimens. Last year there were hardly any Treve Opie
3 05/02/2011 Gyllyngvase Beach
Rocky shore to the left and right hand sides of the beach.
small specimens under rock over hangs Kristie Wilkinson
6 08/04/2011 Mount Edgecumbe
The rocky shore around the point of Mount Edgecumbe.
On rocks Bex House
1 16/04/2011 Nothe Fort, Weymouth
Rocky shore below Nothe Gardens towards the Stone Pier. Some shells look more like Venerupis rhomboides than sengalensis. Some unidentified small shrimps/ prawns seen in wide crevices
Seen in rock pool Nigel Sawyer
1 02/06/2011 Batten Bay
Rocky shore at Mount Batten
Marlin Beach Rangers
3 10/07/2011 Hope Gap, Susex
Chalk platform with channels, flints and a seaweed covering (Pepper Dulse being dominant)
Found lower shore rock pool in similar spot to where seen before. Hard to find even when you know they are there! Nigel Sawyer
2 22/07/2011 Hope Gap Sussex
Chalk platform. 1m low tide and investigated area straight in front of the steps. Many cobbles and stones in the gulleys which were turned and looked at. A bootlace worm, encrusting bryozoan, a couple of unidentitied (and not photographed) chitons also seen - had to escape the rising tide)
Two large individuals seen in rock pool Nigel Sawyer
10 24/09/2011 Swanage
Water depths of 2m to 30m with water temperature of 18 degrees C.
Numerous sightings beneath pier at about 3m deep, up to 10cm across. Julian Madle
scarce 28/10/11 Hartland Quay
Very exposed rocky coast
2 specimens only, in 4 hours of searching. In small pools within deep surge gully Robert Durrant
1 02/10/2011 The Waldrons
'Reef' system made up of numerous sandstone boulders of various sizes. Some as large as 3m in diameter.
Diving in approx 8m of water at 17 deg C.
frequent 09/02/2012 Westward Ho!
Deep-cut gully through wave-cut rock platform, floored with coarse sand. Gully running at 45 degrees to prevalent wave direction, hence moderately exposed.
Scattered colonies, mainly in shallow rock-pools to side of main gully, but appearing throughout low to mid-shore area. Robert Durrant
1000's 10/02/2012 Kimmeridge Bay
Rocky shore
Rockpools, cervices, along ledges Sarah Sherran
uncommon 08/05/2012 Albion Sands
Sandy SW-facing beach, sheltered by Gateholm to S & W,flanked by cliffs, with some outcropping strata central and W edge, & large boulder field E edge.
Only 3 small specimens found, among boulder-field to W edge of beach, in pools incl under rocks. Robert Durrant
Patchy 04/06/2012 Greencliff
Area of overhanging rock strata running at right-angles to the sea, with gullies open to NW, often sandy-bottomed. Lower part of wave-cut platform, with upper beach comprising large and very dynamic pebble ridge backed by high cliffs. Erosion of softer rock has created many shady crevices.
Found quite thickly in a few areas, mainly mid-shore. Robert Durrant