Recording Marine Life

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Records of Arenicola marina

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
F 2004-04-07
Helford passage + Bar beach, Helford River, Cornwall.
low shore sand Ruth Williams
1 2005-07-08 Blackstone Rocks
on Blackstone Rocks at Wembury Beach
approx 140mm length, in gravelly/sandy beach Cat Ridout
1 2009-10-27 St Anne's Pier
Area North of the pier.
North West Wildlife Trusts Irish sea
Many 2010-01-22 Morecambe
Morecambe, Polo Tower, Lancashire
Alive Density: 3 per sq metre North West Wildlife Trusts Irish sea
1 2010-10-06 Plimont, Guernsey
Semi enclosed bay, sand with outcrops of rock perpemdicular to low water mark. Associated with the outcrops are motile stones and pools. (many alga species in rock pools dieing back)
Out of burrow in rock pool. But Lugworm burrows abundant throughout mid/lower shore in sand and sandy pools. Tabitha Pearman