Recording Marine Life

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Records of Asparagopsis armata

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
A 2005-02-12
Wembury, opposite HMS Cambridge, very low tide, just off the Mewstone.
Present in large, sandy-bottomed rockpools low down shore. Fairly dominant in some pools. Jack Sewell
P 2005-07-02
Bovisand, north of harbour
Occasional to Frequent On shallow (c. 0-1 m bcd) rocks amongst kelp. Keith Hiscock
P 2005-05-24 Mothecombe Beach
Mothecombe Beach near Erme Estuary, South Devon
Seen by group 9 (years 3 & 6) Holbeton School
P 2005-05-24 Mothecombe Beach
Mothecombe Beach near Erme Estuary, South Devon
Seen by group 4, years 3 & 6, Sam Perrin, Charlie O'Neil, Joe McArdle, Paddy, George Gask and William Speed Holbeton School
P 2005-08-20 Blackstone Rocks
Blackstone Rocks, Wembury Beach, Plymouth
Lots seen in mid tide rockpools and in low tide gully rockpools Cat Ridout
In rockpool on lower shore often attached to other seaweeds
Frequent 2006-08-24
Gorah Rocks, East Prawle, South Devon
Guy Baker
Several fronds. 2006-08-10
Dancing Ledge, Swanage, Dorset.
Guy Baker
None 2007-07-20
Branscombe beach
Milly Hatton-Brown
2 2007-08-02
kimmeridge bay dorset
growing on other weeds Steve Trewhella
Abundant 2007-09-30
Wembury Point, near Plymouth
In rockpools and subtidal Jack Sewell
abundant 2007-09-02
Wembury Point
Some red, some white. Guy Baker
Not Found 2008-04-18
Mount Batten N50:21:25 W4:07:40
Rockpools Seashore Safari
frequent 2008-07-30
Porth Hellick, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
Rock pool Larissa Paver
2 2008-10-11 Kimmeridge
Broad Bench Kimmeridge Dorset
2 small tufts in a rock pool Steve Trewhella
Occasional 2009-06-27 Torquay Marina
All species found on the pontoon floats of Torquay Marina
Harpoon weed Holly Latham
Occasional 2009-09-07 Mousehole, Cornwall
Rock platform just east of village, below \\\'bathing\\\' pool set into the rocks.
In pools on middle to lower shore Larissa Paver