Recording Marine Life

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Records of Asterias rubens

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
P 2003-04-22 Silecroft Beach
Beach at Silecroft
10 per square metre in some places. 2 hours after high tide, stranded on beach, some dead, some alive. Lynette Gilligan
50 2003-09-20
Menai straits under Menai Bridge
Small specimens on course sand at 6mtrs Ken Byrne
4 2002-09-09
Rocky shore (intertidal), Nrth side of Whitley bay, Northumberland
Found whilst rock pooling on lower shore during extremely low tide. Some sitting amongst kelp fronds rather than beneath rocks. Fiona Greenwold
C 2004-07-30 Hera
Site of wreck of the HERA, Gull Rock E of Nare Head Cornwall,
Common Sally Sharrock
C 2001-10-31 Greenisland
Greenisland, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim
Common Sally Liya
1 2001-01-31 Criccieth
Criccieth, North Wales.
Very poor visibility. Terry Middleton
P 2000-09-09 Weasal Diving Hole
Weasal Diving Hole, Eyemouth, Scotland.
No information entered Terry Middleton
P 2000-09-09 St Abbs
Big Green Carr/Amphitheatre St Abbs, Scotland.
Some Terry Middleton
20 2002-07-13 St Mary's Lighthouse
St Mary's lighthouse, North side of Whitley bay, Northumberland.
Small specimens Jenny Prince
C 2001-08-08
Rocky shore. Sand in places at low water
1 2004-09-30
West end of Praa Sands, Cornwall
approx. 25cm dia. seen in rockpool digesting a limpet with it's stomach turned inside out Andrew Pollitt
2 2005-06-05
Goodrington Sands on shore in front of Seashore Centre
Under boulders, near mussel beds Judith Oakley
1 DD/MM/YYYY Lindisfarne
St Mary's Local Nature Reserve 1km north of Whitley Baye.g. South coast of Lindisfarne, near the harbour.
Barbara Brown
Common 2005-06-18
Hat rock, up to 37 meters deep, underwater visibility 9 meters.
Both common and spiny starfish common throughout dive. Sonia Rowley
Present 2005-06-19
Wreck of the King Cadwallan, Scilly Isles, on the Hard Lewis Rocks. 36 meters deep, underwater visibility 8-9 meters, slight current. SE 5. Sea temperature 13 degrees.
Generally present draped over wreckage and associated rocks, up to 15 cm long. Sonia Rowley
Present 2005-06-19
Wreck of the Italia off St. Agnes, Scilly Isles. 39 meters deep, underwater visibility >12 meters, water temperature 13 degrees. No water speed and weather calm with variable 1!! Afternoon dive. Wreck broken up on rocks.
Draped over wreck corners and further up into the shallows on the rocks. Up to 12 cm long. Sonia Rowley
Present 2006-02-12
Wreck of the HMS Scylla, Whitsand Bay, Cornwall
Many seen - common sight throughout dive. Becky Seeley
Present 2006-02-05
Wreck of the HMS Scylla, Whitsand Bay, Cornwall.
Present in large numbers all over the wreck. Caroline Farrell
Abundant 2006-02-05
James Eagan Layne wreck.
Covering wreck Faye Wood
1 2006-02-11
Babbacombe bay - few metres off shore
On rock on reef Faye Wood
1 2006-07-15
Freathy Cliff, in a large rockpool
Seen on a rock. Smallish, approx. 6cm from armtip to armtip. James Park
Mid shore.
1 2007-01-01
Denge Beach, Dungeness, Kent
Still alive. Steven Kirk
100+ along 20 meters of shoreline 2007-01-07
Whitepoint, Cobh, Cork Harbour (on Great Island opposite Haulbowline Island - west of the old jetty)
Seen under rocks and seaweed, ranging in size from .5 - 4 cm. Sarah McGinnis
One 2007-01-23
Branscombe Bay, Devon
Rockpool Milly Hatton-Brown
strandline Kathryn Turner
2003-04-11 France Aimee
Near the wreck of the France Aimee on the east side of the isle of wight
Ben Knights

rockpool 2cm
under rock
3 2007-05-04 Combesgate
Combesgate, north end Woolacombe Bay.
Rock pools & gullies, 20 cm Paula Ferris
abundant 2007-09-28
Oxwich Bay, right hand side on and around rocks leading to Oxwich point, Gower
plentiful on sand and in pools Judith Oakley
1 2007-10-11
Barricane Beach towards Grunta, woolacombe
Under weed at base rocks low shore, about 15cm diam Paula Ferris
abundant 2007-10-26 Oxwich Point
Oxwich Point, Gower - 3/4 of way along from beach
orange and purplish varieties of all sizes Judith Oakley
abundant 2007-12-27 Oxwich Point
Oxwich Point, Gower
many small ones under stones and boulders clustering together Judith Oakley
2 2008-01-02
On the sand at low tide at the base of the shingle bank along Dungeness point.
On the sand at the base of the shingle bank. Alexandra Fowler
common 2008-03-11 Chesil Cove
chesil cove dorset
many dead starfish washed up after storm Steve Trewhella
1 2008-04-08
Combe Martin Bay, N Devon
50cm in diameter in crevice, green upper, orange underneath eating a limpet Jane Nesigh
1 2008-06-08 Dog beach
Rocky shore, south east coast of cornwall. Dog beach, Looe.
In a crevice at low tide about 9cm long. Mid-shore. Amelia Bridges
3 2009-06-09 Coombesgate, Woolacombe
2 sandy bays divided by small rocky headlands with extensive rocks at low tide.
Up to 20cm, in various locations on edge of pool on the sandy shore Paula Ferris
Abundant 2009-07-07 Blakeney
long shingle and sandy beach
Most were dried out in the high shore line. Tom Young
2 2009-09-21 Eastbourne Pier
The pier at Eastbourne. Sandy beach below shingle with some soft bedrock with pools. In addition to the list Mactra stultrom common, as were hydroids (unidentified on the pier structure)
One attacked by juvenile Herring Gulls Nigel Sawyer
2009-10-04 Polzeath, Cornwall
Found large, live, common starfish, at 1pm. Moved animal to deeper rock pool to await high tide.
Rockpool Janet Wilson
100 2009-12-12 Farne Islands
Rocky islands 20 minutes by boat from Seahouses, Northumberland. Small islands 5 minutes north west of the largest Island
On rocks from surface down to 12m. Juveniles at 1cm across to 8cm adults Lauren Burghes
Occasional 2010-03-03 Houton Bay
Intertidal rocky shore
Under rocks Jenni Kakkonen
1 2010-04-21 Cow Gap, Beachy Head Sussex
Rock pools and sandstone area. Area of sand and some mud/ sand patches amongst the boulders and other rocks. Jaera sp also seen. Pools near the cliff had the seaweed Dumontia incrassata and shells of Mactra stultorum were also found (neither listed in DB)
Single live individual found under boulder Nigel Sawyer
1 05/03/2011 Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth
Rocky shore
reasonably large individual under rock of middle shore Kristie Wilkinson
10 08/04/2011 Redgate Beach, Babbacombe, Torquay, UK
Rocky shore, South East facing beach
Abby McMillan
5 20/05/2011 South Harbour, Blyth
Seen in rock pools Christopher Cole
1 06/08/2011 Hope Gap, Sussex
Chalk platform at low tide (1.2m) Several unidentified seaweeds seen and two scale worms (?Harmothoe impar). ALso Halurus equisetifolius which does not appear in the list
Found under stone about 80mm wide (so a small individual) Nigel Sawyer
Hundreds 27/08/2011 Hallsands, South Devon
Shallow dive 4-5m just off South Hallsands
Seafloor was carpeted in common starfish between the rocky areas. All sorts of sizes and condition - some with five arms, others with a less Jackie Vale
1 28/09/2011 Eastbourne
Chalk platform in the east and sandy areas at low tide with soft rock and rock pools.
c.80mm in size at the low tide mark Nigel Sawyer
1 02/07/2011 Corton
Sand and shingle beach with occassional areas of exposed hard substratum comprising 'soft' sedimentary rock in which shallow pools have formed. Groynes and wooden defenders situated near the mid tide mark behind which pools have formed.
in rock pool Tabitha Pearman
1 11/03/2012 Saunton, N Devon
Rocks between base of Saunton Down & Saunton Sands
Hand-span size, in shallow rock-pool Paula Ferris
1 07/04/2012 Cart Gap, nr Happisburgh
Near to high tide mark. Sandy shore with some gravel. Near groynes with barnacles and mussels.
Seen on sand/gravel. approx 20-30cm across Jane Wilkin
8 12/05/2012 Fort Bovisan, Plymouth
sheltered harbour
various location usually on rocks, also observed very small specimens but was unable to establish exact species keithrd krd