Recording Marine Life

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Records of Asterina phylactica

Number seen/Abundance Date Location Comments Recorded by
10 2009-08-26 Worms Head, Rhossili, Gower.
Intertidal, rocky shoreline.
On topside of rock in a rock pool. Sian Ponting
1 25/04/2011 Renney Rocks
Southern side of Renney Rocks -Large Rockpools, low-mid shore.
size - 1cm. In small crevice in large exposed rockpool @low-mid shore. ross bullimore
Lots 04/06/2011 Worm's Head Causeway
Rocky shore
Under stones in upper shore pools. I have seen them at ths sites for many years, and see the site is not on your distribution map. Michael Isaac
5 20/08/2011 St Agnes
In the rock pools in the middle of the beach
Found them wrapped around sea weed. One per square 15cm by 15cm approx. So 5 - 10 per pool. Generally 10-15 cm deep, not near the bottom though. John Glazebrook
40 23/11/2011 Worm's Head Causeway
rocky shore - tidal causeway on Gower near Rhossili
seen under and on sides of boulders. I actually reported these in 2007. They have been around most years since. Have intensely studied them since Sept 2011 and seen every month in varying numbers to May 2012 so far. JUDITH OAKLEY